Dorothy Perkins' fur boot slipper

Furrr After Erin wrote about these cute knitted cat face slippers, I was all inspired to go out and find something cute and cosy for my feet. Whilst on my hunt I came across these beasts from Dorothy Perkins. Quick someone alert the RSPCA, there is a footless yeti lying injured somewhere. Why? Just why?

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Ugly shoe of the week

UglllyI've spent the last five minutes staring into space trying to come up with something reasonable to say about this shoe. Really, what is going on here? Would you spend $445 to look like you've shoved your feet into toy boats made from bits of dirty old carpet? It's optimistically described as 'jacquard', but we all know that's not true. This is upholstery, no arguments. Run away, fast.

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Shivadiva- Boots or Trainers?

ShidivaI'm confused. I am also a bit disgusted at these trainer/shoe/boot hybrids. It seems a shame to spoil our lovely Shoewawa with items like these, but we must warn you of what is out there.
These Shivadiva offerings, look like they are still trying to work out whether they are shoes or trainers. Poor old Betty Boop is also stuck on the side of them, what would she say? She was the cartoon epitome of sexy (before Jessica Rabbit) and I doubt she would have ever given these her 'Boop boopy doop' seal of approval. They are different, but not in a good way!

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Tokidoki For Fornarina Spring 2007

Todoki Here I am still looking to buy my boots to protect my tootsies this winter, while Tokidoki and Fornarina have announced their collaboration for Spring 2007.

Some of you may remember the success of the Tokidoki collaboration with Le Sportsac, with items selling out in the US Urban Outfitters. As for the Fornarina/Tokidoki venture, see over the cut for our picks.

I like the graphics of Tokidoki, but am not such a big fan of the shoes that will be bearing them.
From what I have seen so far, the collection comprises of mules and trainers (odd combination) in a variety of patent straps for the mules and graphic prints on the trainers.



If this stuff floats your boat then the range will be available in Europe and the US next season. Visit the Tokidoki website for more images.

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Ugly Shoe Of The Week

BluesuedeElvis once sang a warning not to step his blue suede shoes. If I were wearing these particular blue suede numbers, I'd beg people to step on them. In fact I'd hope these people would take them off my feet, burn them and erase them completely from my memory.
Our new celeb fashion writer Erin sent these over to me, and it's perhaps a good thing she didn't include a link. Nobody needs to know where these come from. No good can come of it.

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Ugly Shoe Of The Week

PrSomeone, anyone... please explain these.  This has to be the most ridiculous excuse for a shoe that a has ever been created.  Obviously the world is not in agreement on this one, as a designer, shoemaker, buyer and magazine editor all thought this was okay. But really, an open toe fur shoe-boot? Perhaps the $969 price tag on this Paco Rabanne nightmare should be some sort of reward for wearing them.  Hey just a thought.

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Bestselling (ugly) Boot at Schuh

BsicShoppers at Schuh online are an odd bunch. How else would you explain the fact that this mad Irregular Choice offering has made it onto the front page of their bestsellers list? This is the kind of thing that probably had you lot thinking 'did Ugly Shoe Thursday come early this week?', alas no my friends, it really is - if the website is to be believed - a top seller. Maybe I'm missing something?

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Ugly Shoe Of The Week

Uglyvs_1Firstly, don't blame me for your temporary blindness. It was shiny fashion forumite Daphne who spotted these monstrosities from Victoria's Secret, and for obvious reasons I couldn't resist putting them on here. Now, we all know gold sequins are very 'now' (thanks to Burberry and Sienna Miller) but that's no excuse for bringing these things into the world. I'm barely speechless about footwear, but no amount of silly drag queen / fancy dress related puns will ever do these justice, so I'll just let you lot comment instead. Go on, do your worst...

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Ugly Shoe Of The Week

Crocboot They're multiplying! We just can't get away from Crocs, no matter how hard we try. In Vegas my friend and I were on  constant Croc-watch, spying them on men and women alike...some people even wore socks with them. I thought it couldn't get any worse...

But it can. Now there's a boot version, and it comes in flourescent yellow (among other colours). Ladies and gents, this must STOP. Just. Say. No! [Thanks Selina for the tip]

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Ugly Shoe Of The Week

AaaghSorry this week's ugly shoe is a bit late, but I'm sure you'll agree it was worth the wait! What makes this crazy looking 80s style boot so fugly is the price tag. I can almost understand how someone might buy them if they were cheap - the sloped slouch style is very 'now' and on the right girl they might look quite funky in a 'so naff it's good' way - but there's no way on earth getting laughed at by all your mates is worth £300...and you know they'd laugh (behind your back if not right there in front of you).

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