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Snore Stopper

Snore_stopperDo you live with a man whose snore should be donated to medical science (soon, ideally)? Do you lie awake while your beloved emits a sonic boom that confuses wildlife? Then please, for the love of God, buy one of these. The Healthcare Snore Stopper, surely a bargain at $59.95 (about 35 quid), is science's new way to turn that snoring behemoth into a sleeping lump of silence.

It is, to be blunt, an electric shock device. It doesn't work by turning your man into an actual corpse, though we wouldn't blame... OK, let's not pursue that thought. It contains a super-sensitive micro-sound snore detector that sends out a harmless electrical signal without waking either of you up.

It's tiny and lightweight and can be strapped onto your wrist. The idea is that if you wear it enough, your body learns to avoid the electrical signals, aversion therapy style. Incidentally, if you give him a Snore Stopper as a pressie and he dumps you for being so rude, look on the bright side: at least you won't have to zooz next to him any more.[Lady Muck]


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