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FirstShot Digital Camera for Children

Firstshot_1Ah, Ultrasuede, the most pervasive of fabrics. Not content with swathing the Industrial, Fashion, and Home Furnishing industries, Toray Ultrasuede® America has teemed up with HS Design to explore a venue long over-looked by the fabric industry: children's electronics. Behold, the FirstShot - designed to be your "child’s first digital camera." I have to admit it, this camera has me torn. On the one hand - putting a digital camera (soft-to-the-touch or not) in the chubby little hands of a youngster seems like a terrible thing to do to the camera (I shudder to think of the possible affects being in a child's mouth will have on the writable screen. I'm sure it won't be something you'd want to display on the USB "frame" or send to your friends).

On the other hand - look at it - it is utterly adorable. With it's furry exterior and pointy stylus, I can't help but think of it as plucky, one-earred, digital pet; wide-eyed and eager to please. I may have to break down and get one of these for my infant nephew. Once he masters the whole motorskills thing, naturally.  [Star C. Foster]

HS Design

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