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Bracelet that flashes when your phone goes

Bracelet_1Although less discrete (and perhaps less fun) than leaving your mobile on vibrate in a strategically-placed pocket, the cellular bracelet offers an alternative to missing calls when your mobile is buried too far in your bag to hear, or when mean old society won't let you keep your ringer turned on. The clunky pink-or-blue beaded bracelet will flash to let you (and everyone else) know when you've got an incoming call. Since it really isn't stylish enough to wear everyday - you might want to consider whether it's worth $19.98 to be able to silently tell your date, your boss or your board meeting, "I'm important enough to get calls all day - but you're important enough for me to ignore them." If they could just invent a bracelet that would silently notify folks their mobile is ringing and force them to take the call outside of the theater - I might just start going to the cinema on a regular basis again. [Star C. Foster]

Cellular Bracelet [Via Engadget]

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