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Wind-up remote control for your telly

PogobatteryremoteThere are few more annoying moments in life than when you are curled up on your sofa, glass of aspirational new world plonk in one hand, remote control in the other, and you discover that pesky handset won’t change channels because it has run out of battery power. It is even more annoying if the TV is already on and the only thing between you and an hour's worth of Jim Davidson Live from Blackpool is that nightmarish, leg-stretching, alcohol-free trip across the living room.

Fortunately you can now remedy the situation with a bit of wrist action courtesy of the world's first ever wind up remote control. Pogo Products EZPower Universal control features a little built in jog shuttle which, after you have wound it up a little, will power the handset for around seven days. The remote isn’t only good for the environment and your wrist, it is also fairly smart, powering up to six devices: TV, VCR, Cable, SAT, AUX and DVD Player. It goes on sale in the US today for around $25. Here’s hoping some enterprising site ships it across the Atlantic soon.

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