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We're jumping on the bandwagon!!

Panasonicfx7_r_front_1Yes, normally we'd be flicking a V to Valentine's Day, but then Panasonic told us about its new red version of the 5-megapixel LUMIX DMC-FX7 digital camera, and we thought: "now there's an easy piece to write on a Friday afternoon! Red gadgets!" You know when American comedy shows do a cheeky bit of budget-saving every few seasons by having their shiny-toothed actors reminiscing about past events so they can just replay old clips? Well, that's what we've done. But with gadgets. You can call it lazy journalism; we prefer to refer to it as "reliving classic moments from Shiny's past". (By the way, more details of Panasonic's new cameras can be found on Tech Digest)

Sony Walkman NW-HD3 20GB Music Player in Red

Check Prices


Knomo Cholet Laptop Bag


Canon Digital IXUS i5

Check Prices


Contax i4r


iRiver N10 - We entirely omitted to do a story on this. We're failures as gadget writers. Still, you can read all about the 5GB music player on Tech Digest


NEC e338

Right, that'll do. It's been fun trawling through the archives. Have a lovely weekend. And if you haven't got a loved one to cuddle, treat yourself to one of these red gadgets instead.

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I luv the red lumix camera! I hv been wantin a digital for a while. How much is it?

Posted by: Lori | 12 Feb 2005 07:09:52

My boyfriend has this particular camera, but in silver. It's great!

Surprised you've not checked out Nokia's Fashionista camera yet:

Posted by: coolchiq | 13 Feb 2005 21:03:11

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