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Hello Kitty Clamshell

Okwapa267hk_1Remember that fugly Hello Kitty handset that we so callously dismissed a few months back? We said "make a small, pink, clamshell [Hello Kitty phone] with a camera on it and we'll rethink our position." Well the gods of mobile telephony have heard our prayer, and given us this excellent little handset on sale in the UK through Katzwhiskas. We're mindlessly clapping our hands, jumping up and down squealing as we type this (no mean feat).The OKWAP A267 takes fashion phones to a whole new level of kitschness and naffery, which is why we love it. It's available in pink or red and comes with a VGA digital camera (same as most phones).

If you're looking for something a bit beefier when it comes to specifications (but with a girly pastel pink beefiness, of course), there's always the OKWAP i516, another Hello Kitty clamshell that comes with a megapixel camera and flash light built in (for some decent photo quality) and the new high resolution internal screen (262K colours). (Keep reading for more info and pics).

Katzwhiskas_mpThey're extremely pricey, though, at £289 and £340 respectively, but you do get a lot of nice stuff to go with it, including charms and some ridiculously OTT cases. Both handsets have Hello Kitty animations and pictures on screen and are nice and lightweight, at just 85g. The higher spec i516 comes with an FM radio as well. We're glossing over the rather offensive inclusion of a calorie counter, but there's other more useful features such as a calendar and diary. We're hoping to get our hands on one of these soon so we'll let you know our verdict on them.

(thanks Linda!)


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