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VK 530 - Pink and Proud

Vk530_1If there’s one thing we love over at Shiny Towers, it’s a truly fantastic fashion phone. Flashy features are all very well, but if you’re going out for the night you want a small, compact phone that makes calls and looks good. So when we saw the pictures of Vodafone’s latest pay as you talk mobile, the VK 530, we were all excitable and did that tedious shrieking-whilst-jumping-up-and-down-and-clapping-maniacally routine. A sudden moment of self-awareness soon put a stop to that and we were able to actually get the phone out of its box and give it the once over.

First off, and most importantly, it’s pink! What better colour could it possibly be. It’s pure tacky heaven. Second off, it’s tiny. Similar in size to the Siemens SL55 (the ULTIMATE fashion phone), the tiny clamshell still finds space for a digital camera. The camera’s nothing to text home about but some fun gimmicky software that lets you personalise pictures will give you literally minutes of pleasure.

It’s very easy to navigate your way around and has got a decent enough colour screen. In fact, it’s everything you want in a fashion phone – right down to the screen that acts as a mirror when the backlight’s off. Except for on two major points, that is. If you’re used to T9 predictive texting, you won’t like the inferior eZi software. Still, it’s not a deal breaker. The address book certainly takes some getting used to, however. It seems to have been designed by someone who hates life. Simply finding a number is spirit-breakingly difficult, but once we’d finished sobbing and asking “why god?” we managed to fathom out how to get the answers we needed, but how we longed just to be able to scroll through a list of names like normal boring phones.

For the sake of a beautiful pink mobile phone, it’s something we’re willing to live with, however (especially because you can add your most commonly used numbers to speed dial). While VK Mobile isn’t a company we’re familiar with (although some of you may recall we covered a similar handset a while back) the VK530 felt well made.

If, for some insane reason, you’re not entirely taken with the pink one, you can always go for the purple version instead.

Vk530review_3Here's the VK 530 with Katie's beloved SL55 and a Samsung E600. See we're proper geeks taking our own photos and everything. Vk530review_1

Don't ask what that funny brown material is in the background.

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