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Lipstick with a difference...

Lippy_3  Pretty much every time we tell a man that we run a gadgets for girls website, they adopt a "don't titter missus" Frankie Howerd voice and make some clumsy, poorly veiled reference to sex toys. In fact, if we had a pound for every time a man reacted like that, we'd be able to go out and buy ourselves a shiny new vibrator.

Featuring this Lippy lipstick vibrator from Tabooboo isn't going to help matters much, but what the hey - it's too fantastic to pass over. Tabooboo is "a new, upmarket fashion label, sex brand and website created to bridge the gap between the tacky end of the sex shop market and the very expensive end."

Tabooboo can be found in Selfridges, next to Miu Miu on the second floor. Alternatively, buy the Lippy online for £24.99

***Normal, proper gadget service will now resume. Honest***

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