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Have a rice time!

sushi_clockJBox is a great website selling all sorts of crazy Japanese stuff that you can't get over here. If there's one thing the Japanese love it's their fake sushi made out of wax. Take that love of wax sushi to its natural conclusion and what you've got is, of course, a wall clock (it seems so obvious to us now).

Made from sushi trays and sushi take-away boxes, the sushi has been lovingly created by "Japanese wax food artists" (who knew there was such a thing?), who make wax food for Japanese restaurants (presumably not to serve to guests).

Jbox website

Came straight to this page? Visit Shinyshiny.tv for loads more Shiny gadgets!

Posted by Aigua Media on July 30, 2004 in Random Stuff | Permalink


KAWAII!!! OISHII-SO!!! SUTEKI, NAA!!! (And other shrill over-enthusiastic exclamations). Another quality Japanese product that I don't need... but I really, really want.

Posted by: Vanessa | 3 Aug 2004 16:22:19

I went over to Jbox but I don't see the Sushi

Clock there. Is there another place to buy it?

Judith Douglas

Posted by: Judith Douglas | 23 Jul 2007 02:30:21

Sugoi!! Aha, I really really want this!! It's so kawaii~~ <3

Posted by: Sara | 24 Nov 2010 10:32:27

It doesn't even necessarily have to be something of value! The very act of giving somebody a gift will trigger that hard-wired response in our brains that says that we NEED to return the favor.

Posted by: thomas sabo feather | 22 Jul 2011 10:27:06

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