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Pretty in Pink!


What’s the best colour for a girl’s gadget? Why, pink of course! It’s cute, it’s kitsch and it’s ever so slightly silly. With far too many of the world’s gadgets coming in boring old battleship grey, and with most of us spending our days staring at a beige box, it’s time to inject some colour into our lives. Yes, it’s time to think pink.

Francis Francis X5

X5fuchsiaThis fuchsia pink espresso machine is so good they named it twice. The Francis Francis X5 is designed for the smaller kitchen, making it perfect for girls who live alone (we’re guessing that not many straight men would want to wake up to a morning coffee from this overly perky percolator). The knobs and dials give it a deliciously Lady Penelope retro-fabulous appeal that will make you buzz with pleasure – even without that first hit of caffeine.

£345 from appliances.co.uk

Radio Ga-ga



We’ve already featured the baby pink Intempo KT-01 digital radio (read about it here) so now it’s the turn of the 1950s inspired Roberts R250. The range is available in a dizzying array of colours and in a number of different finishes, including QVC-friendly “suedette”.

These two pink examples would be almost perfect if they offered DAB digital. Unfortunately, you’ll have to stick with FM stereo and so do without the likes of Planet Rock and Gaydar. And your world will be emptier for it.

£99.99 from Simply Radios

Nice as Apple pie

We’ve been whipped up into a frenzy about the iPod Mini’s for such a long time, we’re almost bored with waiting. We’ve been hearing stories about New York females trampling over each other in order to get their hands on the gold and pink iPods and we’re holding them entirely responsible for the delay in the music player’s arrival.

At least in the meantime we can console ourselves by buying lovely accessories to go with it, but we still feel like kids in the back of a car on a long family journey.

Mini SportSuit Safari cases $19.95 from Dr Bott.

Pretty Kitty

Ahh, Hello Kitty! How we love you! But obviously, as sensible, career-focused, modern women, we only love you in an *ironic* way. Because to love you in any other way would make us shallow, vapid and not a little immature.

So when we find ourselves longing for these computer speakers, it’s only out of a desire to appear quirky and a bit kooky. And has *nothing* to do with our desire to find something that matches our Hello Kitty computer kit. Honest.

$39.99 from Dream Kitty.

Jazzy laptop bag

JzmoAlthough JZMO (pronounced “jay-zee-mo”) reckons this bag is for women executives, we suspect you’d struggle to get taken seriously if you tipped up to the board room with this slung over your shoulder. But for those ladies who don’t have to worry about looking a bit legally blonde, this pink leather and suede tote is a great way to transport your laptop.

More info here

Clean as a Pig

If you’re one of those people who constantly feels the need to prod at your computer screen with your grubby, Cadbury’s finger stained fingers, this is the soft toy for you. For nestling on this piglet’s underbelly is a chamois cloth that will wipe clean any smudges and smears, leaving you free to start pigging out on whatever greasy treat takes your fancy.

£9.95 from Girls Stuff

Personalised Pink
We’ve already done the pink iBook that some bloke modified himself, but why stop there? With nothing but a can of pink spray-paint and a sense of adventure, you too can start personalising your own gadgets. It’s perhaps best to start with older models first, so you don’t render your new gadgets obsolete before you’ve even used them. This Sony Ericsson P800 smartphone may not be top of the range, but it’s still top of our wish list.

More info here.


This lovely fruity phone is only available in the Far East at the moment. It almost makes us too depressed to type, but we continue to live in hope that someone from Panasonic will show mercy and release this piece of pink perfection onto the European market. In the meantime, we just like to look at the picture from time to time and sigh.

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