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Flashy Mirror


If you feel the need to justify all your purchases, you could always tell yourself that this Flash MP3 player will save you space in your handbag. Not only does the MP-130 play MP3s (with up to 512MB of space available which is around ten hours of music) and FM radio, the display will also transform into a mirror, so you don’t have to carry a separate one with you!

…well, it’s not available in the UK yet, so you should have plenty of time to come up with a better excuse to buy it.

More info here

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Posted by Aigua Media on May 4, 2004 in MP3 and Media Players | Permalink


Are you sure it isn't available in the UK yet?

It's not a Swedish player, it's an OEM product from Korea and some stores in the UK may already sell it as the iOPS (ok, "may" is an understatement). If you still think Gizmodo is credible you can have a look at this:

Posted by: Håkon Styri | 5 May 2004 19:13:12

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