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Vibrating duck - don't ask


While the faithful dog may be man's best friend, I've found another, far more practical animal that is the kind of friend a girl really shouldn't be without. Because this is no ordinary rubber duck. It may be plastic, yellow and floats in the bath, but it has an extra little trick up its wing that it gives bath time a whole new sense of fun.

Just press its back and it vibrates, very subtly and most importantly, very quietly - but just enough to massage the areas other rubber ducks just can't reach. Although, what you do with the £20 Vibrating Duck is of course entirely up to you.


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Posted by Aigua Media on March 29, 2004 in Gadgets | Permalink


I collect cool rubber ducks! This is the most awesome site as I am just about to buy a new phone, espcecially after the one I am using just exploded.... (Well not mine, but someone with the same model number as me).


Posted by: glutterbug | 17 Apr 2004 18:47:17

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