Garden Water Saver


Here's a really inexpensive way to save an afternoon's rainfall: attach a Garden Water Saver to your downspout.  Instead of the water pouring off into the ground, it'll pop nicely into a your chosen container until the container is full, whereupon it'll shut off and let the water go back down the spout.  An hour's moderate rain is good for about 100 liters, which would put a nice glow on your garden during the hosepipe bans.  $20.  [GT]

Garden Water Saver [via GoTo Reviews]

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Barnet Council tries to phase out the bath

Bathtime kitty - the plughole mystery Barnet council is consulting its residents about planning rules it's proposing that will encourage builders only to install showers and not to provide baths.

The rules would apply to house extensions and developments of less than 10 homes. Planning committees will look at whether water flows to power showers have been restricted, water meters have been fitted and a water butt installed, but ultimately the council could refuse planning permission to developments that unnecessarily include a bath.

Presumably the subjective term of 'unnecessarily' allows them to wave through things like housing developments for people of restricted mobility. As a new father, however, I might even argue that I need the bath to wash my daughter, since I doubt she would appreciate a shower at her tender age.  (Not that she enjoys baths either.)

No doubt there'll be a lot of hoo-hah made about this proposal (Vanessa Feltz was on the BBC this morning doing her 'outraged' thing, which put me right off my breakfast) but as Hugh Ellis of Friends of the Earth said: "I would hate the whole debate to get focused on baths... We have got some excellent local authorities that have led the way in addressing climate change and London should be very proud of that."

Fines and bath reduction - council level green action [via How to Save the World for Free]

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Photo credit:  Bathtime Kitty - the plughole mystery by Prozacblues used under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence

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Saving Water in Denver


Sukle Advertising + Design has come up with an innovative campaign to promote water consumption awareness in Denver, Colorado. They're running billboards that are shrunk to 1/4 normal size (just enough space to say "“Use only what you need” - Denver Water", and similar messages on park benches (that are missing 3/4 of the bench, which is carrying the motif a bit far considering benches are about renewable sharing!). But the basic idea is to get positive attention, and they've done a great job on that. [GT]

Sukle Advertising + Design [via GUSH]

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