New Diesel ad fuels green tempers

Diesel_gw3 I've always found so-hip-it-hurts denim label Diesel's advertising strategies to be a tad hypocritical. As a humungous global brand its publicity seems to crop up in a lot of surprisingly underground places, always making a show of supporting struggling 'indie' projects, just long enough for the cool kids catch on before it leaves them to...struggle. But that's an old rant for another time. This latest stunt, however, is twisted even by their standards...

'Don't listen to all this nonsense about climate change!' is the message of this video: 'sure, the world's going to change beyond recognition, but what the hell, we can still have fun!' Bronzed, semi-clad babes and hunks are then seen jet-skiing down a flooded Thames, parading with parrots in St. Marks Square, and 'making out' beside a sunken Mount Rushmore.

Watch it for yourself if you can stand it, then go and recycle every last pair of Diesel jeans you own!

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Treehugger offers 'epic' prize for ethical shopping video

Treehugger Do you have a burning desire to share the virtues of ethical consumerism with the rest of the world? Reackon you could do it in a short film? If so, Treehugger is offering the chance to win $5,000 (or equivalent - we've done our homework here, and this one is open to international readers) a Dutch Citybike, Fluevog Shoes and Tickets to EPIC - the biggest ethical shopping-fest ever held.

Treehugger shares many things with Hippyshopper...

...but above all, the belief that shopping doesn't have to be 'bad' if you keep an eye on what you're buying. And this is why they're supporting the EPIC, which takes place in Vancouver on March 16th-18th. It's set to be a hippy shopper's paradise - a Sustainable Living Expo, where you can discover hip, ethical products and services that allow you to feel good about your purchases. Sounds like heaven? Details on how to enter follow after the jump.

videos should be:

  • no shorter than 1 minute and no longer than 2 minutes.
  • Shows us the action(s) you are taking to reduce your personal carbon emissions and help put an end to climate change.

Visit Treehugger's competition page for details on submitting your entry; the deadline to enter is Feb. 28th

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ReCoup recycles packaging for ethical track


To boost eco-awareness, ReCoup's new single, "Remind You" is packaged in 100% recycled materials.  Wrapped in crisp packets with a recycled cardboard sleeve, it also bears a label made from 100% recycled paper.  Since crisp packets are made from metalized laminate they're very difficult to recycle, but they're a perfect size for a CD single, and the large bags make great mailers.  [GT]

Listen to ReCoup's new single, "Remind You" here

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What is plagiarism?


A question that must confront us as ethical consumers, as we consider buying products from companies with lax intellectual property laws, or works by artists who may have done more than draw inspiration from other artists, is: what is plagiarism?  It is defined as passing off someone else's work as one's own, and increasingly considered a high intellectual sin.

But should it be? Great artists have lifted much from each other: the Count of Monte Cristo is based on a much lesser work called Revenge and a Diamond and of course TS Eliot stole from Shakespeare who stole from Plutarch. Star Trek's Tribbles were stolen from Heinlein who stole it from Pigs is Pigs.  So are we choking our own culture in effort to legitimize it?  The Ecstacy of Influence discusses.  [GT]

The Ecstacy of Influence

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Get real, '24', say torture experts


Saying 24's depiction of torture is "unrealistic and... kind of boring," David Danzig, director of the Prime Time Torture Project for the New York-based organization Human Rights First, in conjunction with fellow human rights activists, the dean of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and veteran interrogators with experience stretching from Saigon to Abu Ghraib, issued a joint plea: make use of torture on television more realistic.  "The meeting was an eye-opener," said "24" executive producer Howard Gordon. "We hadn't really thought a lot about torture as anything more than a dramatic device."  Producers at the meeting also indicated they found it goofy that they should have to point out that their use of torture is, you know, just a TV shtick - but producers of "Lost" agreed to appear in a public service video pointing out that TV is not real life.  [GT]

'24' gets a lesson in torture from the experts

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Stewart Hagarth's Tide Chandelier

Tidechandelier4 We hear a lot about the useful, practical applications of recycling, but I love the way this 'Tide chandelier', by British designer Stewart Hagarth  works on a whole different level: it's a breathtaking illustration of the value that can come from honouring the things we would otherwise discard and forget...

It's made from hundreds of individual pieces of debris, which Haygarth found washed up on the same stretch of Kent coastline over many years.

Seen close up, the objects are mainly transluscent plastic; sunglasses, cigarette lighters, children's beach toys and some unidentifyable objects combine together in one unified whole. The spherical shape they create represents the moon, which affects the tides, and in turn washed up the debris.


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Book Review: Lisa Harrow - 'What can I do?'

Whatcan1 There's a wealth of information out there on how to be green, but don't you sometimes wish you had it all in one place?

This handy A-Z guide, compiled by actress Lisa Harrow, is a good starting point for any aspect of green living, and being made from light, recycled paper could be easily fitted into a bag to help you make green decisions on your travels.

The book emphasises small, simple changes that can be made to your lifestyle, with practical, realistic suggestions, like how to recycle your mobile phone, making tasty organic meals, generating your own energy and choosing ethically sourced coffee.

We at Hippyshopper certainly approve of this approach, as we could all do more to get greener, and know that it isn't always easy!

At just a fiver, it's also great value. Order from

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Meet Captain Ozone - eco superstar from the future...


The world needs more green heroes. Al Gore may talk a lot of sense, but his dress sense doesn't exactly put him in the super-league. Captain Planet has never done it for me with his dodgy green mullet, and as for the 'celebs' who claim to be green...well, I'll never be taken in again after Chris Martin's Chelsea Tractor Shocker.

So imagine my joy when I was greeted with the words Captain Ozone wants to be your friend on a certain social networking site. Hoping to have stumbled across the earth's true saviour I decided to google him...

I found that amongst other things, the Captain has a love of old toilets, his own clothing line and claims to come from the year 2039. Then I found this video...take a look and judge for yourself whether this is our long awaited green superstar!

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Spoof ad in The Times

Spurt040207Tee hee - check out this spoof ad (printed in The Times today).

Fake airline 'Spurt' tells the world "Flying: Your Patriotic Duty" followed by "Sod them. Let's Fly." On the facing page, a penguin says: "I might only be a penguin, but I know a global disaster when I see it melting beneath my flippers."

The alliance behind the ads includes Greenpeace and the RSPB - and good for them!

[Via EcoWorrier]

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Campaigning made easy with Friends of the Earth Campaign Express

Pack9Friends of the Earth wants you! And best of all, enlisting won't mean you have to wear a scratchy uniform or learn complicated salutes or even give your bank details.

Nope, just fill out the form here and you will receive three campaign packs a year on a current issue - like GM food or nasty chemcials.

Each pack gives you easy actions to put pressure on the right people at the right time. As Friends of the Earth put it: "When an MP gets 100 letters they take notice, when a company director gets 1000 postcards in the morning mail, things happen."

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