Exasis, the plastic car from Rinspeed


The Exasis is the first eco-type car that goes past the usual car idea to a newer construction idea than just the engine. Built entirely out of plastic (which could be Belu water bottle style compostable plastic) its panels have electrochemical properties that obviate the need for wiring; without wiring there's no insulation and the entire thing shrinks down. It's also made to be as aerodynamic as a cough-and-cold capsule (hence the biplane-style seating) and contains a CO2-emission-reducing bioethanol engine. It's obviously a concept car, but we welcome this ingenuity and look forward to their advanced prototypes. [GT]

Exasis [via Cocolico]

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Saab 9-3 BioPower Hybrid concept car


The Saab 9-3 BioPower Hybrid concept car has a 2.3t engine which delivers 14% more power and 11% more torque when running on E85 bioethanol compared to petrol, which means you can really gun it down the M5 but still feel virtuous about burning cleaner fuel (though if you have to use petrol, it can take it).  Based on typical petrol consumption, driving a BioPower would reduce your consumption by 1,087 litres per year.  However, it's also a convertible, with air conditioning and iPod hookups and climate control and all kinds of things making it a sexy ride as well as a responsible one.  [GT]

Saab 9-3 BioPower Hybrid concept car

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The Edge hydrogen SUV


Offering up the world's first drivable fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle with plug-in capability, the Ford Edge has a flexible propulsion system, meaning it's possible to pull out the fuel cell and replace it with a conventional petrol, or diesel, or ethanol, or other engine as appropriate. Charging on conventional mains power and sporting a raft of comfort features from full computerized climate control to a nice place to put your iPod, satellite radio and audio controls in the steering wheel, the Edge drives in battery-only mode for the first 40 km and then switches over to hybrid mode, meaning if you use it strictly as a commuter machine you could well stay purely electric.  As with many of these it's still in concept stage, but if they make enough concepts maybe they'll be able to have a big sale just to sell all the samples.  $33,000 USD to $38,000 USD.  [GT]

Ford unveils plug-in hydrogen Edge

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Ford Interceptor: the responsible muscle car


The Ford Interceptor is pretty comfortable, powerful and bulky in a way that you might expect to have a ghastly eco-footprint - but it also can run on pure ethanol, and is designed to be aerodynamic and fuel-efficient.  It also has full high-tech audio (letting you turn it into a giant iPod dock if need be) and climate controls but you can also shove them behind a panel if you want to go retro.  [GT]

Ford Interceptor

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Ford + Airstream = hybrid comfort


The Ford Airstream Concept Vehicle provides total comfort at 6 liters per 100km.  If you get stuck escorting hordes of young Baden-Powell wannabees across hill and dale (I had 53 badges myself; had to start sewing them on a sash because there wasn't room on my arm) you want to be able to plug in to mains power to get re-energized.  Where most energy-efficient vehicles are going compact, the Ford Airstream is about travel comfort (and being able to afford to travel; the price of petrol what it is, unless you go green you'd better walk.)  Plus it's all chromy and futuristic on the outside, even classier than the ship from Spaceballs.  [GT]

Ford Airstream Concept Vehicle [via Cocolico]

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Top 10 Electric Vehicles Available In 2007


Electric vehicles are both sexier and more affordable with every passing day, meaning if you wait long enough you'll be able to get a free solar-powered transport that'll take you to the moon and back in more ways than one. Until then, however, you may want to content yourself by checking the The Top Ten electric vehicles you can buy right now (for the most part) list. Includes the Tesla Roadster, of course, because the Tesla Roadster is one of the hottest cars going, but also a bunch of cars you haven't heard of and will definitely want. [GT]

The Top Ten electric vehicles you can buy right now (for the most part)

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Compact Sit-Down Shopping Cart


A shopping cart can make the difference between needing to have a car for a shopping trip, and the Compact Sit-Down Shopping Cart could make that difference with a difference. Your food goes in the base, and your dainty behind can have a rest on the seat, guaranteeing you some measure of comfort even on the tube home. It can take 20 kilos in the basket, and 100 kilos in the seat, so it's rugged enough for you and your baby too - and since it's aluminum, it only weighs 4kg. Personal shopping carts usually offer some modesty covering, and probably future versions of this will too, but as is, it makes the Saturday farmer's market trek sound a lot nicer. $99. [GT]

Compact Sit-Down Shopping Cart [via Chip Chick]

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Holidays that give the world a break

Brazil Now the weather's finally turned seasonal (and much as you feel obliged to be happy that it's officially 'no longer the warmest January on record', you still really hate the cold), the chances are your mind is turning to holidays. Preferably the sort that whisk you out of the gloom as quickly and as affordably as possible. After all, we're all entitled to our dose of winter sun, aren't we?

But what are the options for those of us counting our carbon emissions? If setting up camp in a muddy field somewhere 'reachable by foot' isn't your cup of tea, then you'll be relieved to hear that companies offering responsible travel are on the rise, and there are more options for the eco-tourist than you may have thought. They include Responsible Travel, the Brighton-based company that claims to have coined the term, where family holidays, adventure travel and even honeymoon breaks are among the packages on offer. Responsible Travel hand-pick operators that adhere to a number of sound ethical guidelines, and declare themselves 'too eco' to print the hundreds of breaks they offer on paper! Check out their site to see a full list of destinations, and start dreaming about clear blue skies...

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Girasole Electric Car


If typical modern cars resemble running shoes, the Girasole electric car looks more like a stylish beach sandal. A Japanese-Italian collaboration from Yoshio Takaoka, in collaboration with Italy's Start Lab SAP, the Girasole runs off standard mains power, and reaches speeds of 65 km per hour. It travels distances of up to a 120 km on a full battery. It's also so quiet (how quiet is it?) that it has its own soundtrack: designers have given it a clip-clop horse-hoof sound effect so that pedestrians can actually notice it sneaking up on them. (So much for Deathrace 2000.) [GT]

Fill it up... with electricity please: the Girasole electric car [via SciFi Tech]

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Zero Carbon Luxury Beach Resort


While if you want to do it completely right you'll want to make your own kayak out of newspaper and paddle over to it yourself, a zero-carbon luxury beach resort is being planned for Nungwi, Zanzibar. The buildings are being designed so that the sea air circulation provides natural air conditioning, water is purified by filtration through natural reeds, bicycles and electric cars will provide the transport, and local earth, renewable timber and reclaimed stone will go into the construction. [GT]

The hot topic: The zero-carbon luxury beach resort [via BornRich]

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