Eukanuba Special Care Dog Food


It used to be that your dog would vomit (and maybe eat it) and there wasn't much you could do but spread out extra newspapers. Now, you can feed your dog Eukanuba Special Care, with Omega-3, Omega-6, and other natural goodness, so that at least his vomit will be more nutritious. So if you find the Dog Deli bespoke stuff a tad pricey but still want to go above the typical high street, it probably won't bankrupt you (but it probably won't clean up any easier than the usual stuff). [GT]

Eukanuba Special Care

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DIY Cat Toys from Marmalade


Cardboard is an ideal material for cat toys, since in my experience all cats ever love to sharpen their claws on or chew it. Since all you cardboard furniture haters say you can cut up any old appliance box into a thing of beauty and a joy forever, you'll love the Marmalade cardboard cat toy DIY - print the template, attach to scrap cardboard, and put together as many cardboard mice, jacks or balls as your feline companion can take. Or you can get a pre-made cardboard mouse DIY kit (if that even makes sense) sent to you in exchange for agreeing to get marketing noise from Marmalade (which isn't a bad deal if for some reason the print-out DIY doesn't work out for you). [GT]

Marmalade cardboard cat toy DIY [via NOTCOT]

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The Canine Cookie Company


Providing organic dinner and treats to the canine gourmand, the Canine Cookie Company (ack, beware that LOUD music!) provides nibbles like Celebratory Bones or After Dinner Mints (for the dog of dubious breath) or dinner cookies from the Variety Jar like chicken tikka mutt-sala. [GT]

The Canine Cookie Company

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2006 roundup #36: the Catbib saves birds


We all have to make sacrifices in the cause of living domestically within wild Nature, and sometimes these sacrifices involve putting reverse capes made of neoprene on our cats. Funnily, the cats don't mind the Catbib in the slightest, and my Bester seemed to actually consider his an adornment. What the Catbib does, though, is disrupt the cat's balance just enough to make it really difficult for them to sneak up on birds, thus preserving the songbird population without need to declaw (boo!) your feline friend. Not only do they work, but they're only $9 USD, and if you send a picture of your pet wearing one, they'll send you a second one free. [GT]

Original story: Review: The CatBib saves birds and makes cats happy

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3r Living Eco-shop


It's just barely not too late to order from 3r Living and still get it in time for Christmas (providing you spring for 3 day shipping or faster).  So if you haven't shopped for Cleo or Spike yet - your cat or dog, that is - consider the Hemp dog bone, Oatmeal pet shampoo or Mrs Meyers Pet Litter Freshener.  And somehow manage not to stick reindeer ears on the cat this year?  [GT]

3r Living

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Iams Home 4 the Holidays Pet Adoption Drive

U_im_hp_cat Posh pet nosh Iams (and boy does that cat look like a smaller version of mine own Lacerda) has around 2,000 animal shelters going at the international level in their Home 4 the Holidays drive to place orphaned cats and dogs in loving homes.  Last December, their one millionth pet was adopted - a cat in Florida.  This year's pet drive goes on until January 2, and with your new friend you get an adoption kit with some leaflets and some free pet food.  Kittens are nice, sure, for about six months, and then you've got to live with them for the next ten to twenty years.  Shelter cats, on the other hand, are so grateful that you've saved them from, let's be honest, a situation between death and near-death, that they wake up every day full of astonishment that the world is so fantastic.  (At least, that's how Lacerda behaves; we found him, nigh-starved, in the kitchen one day, bolting down food from the communal cat dish, and he was so incredibly lovely that we couldn't be parted from him.  I've met many wonderful shelter cats since then and although kittens are cute, with an older cat you know what you're getting - with extra love.)  [GT]

Home 4 the Holidays orphaned pet drive

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Fleece Dog lets you clone a taxidermied version of your pet


The Fleece Dog concept is faintly goofy, which is that you mix your pet's hair with wool and use the Fleece Dog kit to make a toy version of it, but then again, so is the actual site. There's a faint aura of Engrishness about the whole thing that makes me wonder if I'm missing something delightful about the notion of brushing your Great Dane, plucking the stray fur from the brush, and rolling it in with cotton batting like so much clay in your divine hands. Oh... well, when I put it that way... Apparently it's easy to do, and irresistible to pose the little voodoo-doll result afterward (would that this was a quick path to training and that it worked on cats). Certainly it's an unusual take on recycling! (And yes, Paris, you do recognize the little fella depicted here.) [GT]

Fleece Dog

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Put your chicken (or rabbit, or guinea pig) in an Omlet (Omlet Eglu)


Instead of a typical hand-hewn pet house that looks about as durable as the typical hand-hewn spice rack from Learn to Saw 101, the urban owner of guinea pigs, rabbits, and even chickens or ducks, can just go with the Eglu from Omlet. Designed to allow anybody to own a modest number of either non-traditional pets or, for the more practical, egg-layers, so that you can have your own organic breakfast. They say: "We wanted it to be as easy as looking after a goldfish but more rewarding than owning a dog (you get eggs with chickens!)." And you can even get some certified layers straight from Omlet so you can get up and running just like that. £395 with - which includes feed and also feed plus water containers - or £360 without. Last but surely not least, you can return it for full refund up to 28 days after arrival, in case the urban farm lifestyle is not quite what you'd hoped. [GT]

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Monday's ethical celeb: Jackie Chan autographs for PETA

Jackie Chan card

During rabies outbreaks in China, massive culls of strays are all too common. As part of PETA's Humane Rabies Control in China, Jackie Chan has donated a handsomely autographed card for auction on eBay which runs until September 9. All proceeds donated to help ensure dogs in China have up-to-date rabies shots, that those dogs which must be euthanised experience humane methods, to educate the public, and ensure those who are bitten get immediate post-exposure vaccines. [GT]

Jackie Chan Personal Handmade & Signed Greeting Card

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The Dog Deli premium meaty snacks


Treats good enough for you to eat yourself (though your taste may not be the same as Rex's), the biscuits produced by The Dog Deli are made from human-grade beef, chicken, lamb or rabbit, and low in fat with no added salt, sugar, artificial preservatives or colourings. Each full 200gram meal - chicken, beef or rabbit goes for £1.50 and is made specially to order. Packages of Lamb’s Liver and Carrot Muffins, Beef and Garlic Snax, Chicken Brown Rice and Seaweed Crunchies and others are low fat, involve foods which your pet will regard as special (how often does he eat rabbit?) range from £1.50 to £2 per packet with bulk discounts available. [GT]

The Dog Deli

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