Electrolux VEGE: Grow your own - at home!

Vegehome This is such a cool idea, in every sense of the word! I've so often envied those lucky people with enough time on their hands to grow veggies in the garden or allotment, regularly harvesting bags of delicious, organic produce for little more than the price of a few seeds, and this invention from Electrolux could just be the answer...

Like a fridge, it sits in your kitchen and holds up to 40 of your favourite plants, herbs, vegetables and anything else you want to keep fresh and cool. Now for the science bit: it's what's known as a 'hydroponic growing cupboard', and it keeps your plants in ideal light and temparature conditions for optimum growth. And because it doesn't work like a standard fridge, it's better for the environment too

At the moment, the VEGE is still in prototype form, but I'd love to see it on sale. In fact, why not be a sport and dig it here!

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Funky rugs from Natural Collection

Funky_rug I like a bit of colour on my floor. Not only does it lessen the impact of any 'red wine accidents' (if it lands on a pale spot, that splodge was meant to be there) but it cheers up the whole room instantly and effortlessly.

Which is why these fabulous new fairtrade 'modern art' rugs from Natural Collection caught my eye. The pattern is inspired by artists like Kandinsky and Picasso.

Each is hand-stitched using traditional methods in Kashmir. There's also a range of funky cushions, in patterns that frankly I want to wear! Check out the rugs and more funky stuff for the home at Natural Collection.

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Solar powered water cascade - look, no wires!

TerwatFancy a water feature in your garden, but can't face the faff? How about this mosaic terracota water cascade? The pump is solar-powered so free to run, and it is stand-alone, requiring no complicated installation at all.

Obviously, it's not much good for night-time use, but who sits in their garden after dark, anyway?

Get £20 off with a current Guardian offer here. (Usual price £79.99)

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Organic mattresses from Warren Evans

Organic_mattress_illustrati_1 Far be it for me to speculate on what you get up to on your mattresses, particularly on such a 'delicate' occasion as Valentine's, but if yours has taken a bit of a pounding over the years and needs replacing, you might want to consider getting an organic mattress.

I have to admit, I didn't know such a thing existed or what its benefits might be, but considering the amount of time some of us spend in bed,  exposure to any chemicals sprayed on the fabrics in and on mattresses is bound to be high, and the recent interest in organic fashion has revealed a lot about just how heavily treated many textiles are. For many people with allergies, these can cause serious problems.

So these 'luxury organic' mattresses, made by Warren Evans and certified by the Soil Association, sound like they could be a good investment in many years of toxin-free sleep. They contain layers of organic Welsh Wool and are free from the pesticides, fungicides and herbicides usually added to mattresses. They do, however, comply with all British fire regulations despite containing no chemical fire-retardants.

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Review: Way Out Wax soy candles


I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which means my nose reacts incredibly poorly to artificial scents, with results ranging from nausea to migraines to extreme joint pain.  So I tend to be very suspicious of scented goods of any kind - but Way Out Wax has indeed got the goods.  I've had their essential-oil scented candles in my bedroom for several days now and to my surprise and delight, they're just making my room smell nice, with no ill effects for me.

Way Out Wax

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The perfume is very powerful - their statements that they use gobs of essential oil are completely true in my book!  The candles are made from non-GMO soy oil, which cleans up very easily, and instead of dyeing them different colours, the white wax is poured into glass tumblers of different colours.  They also come in travel tins that are even more potently scented, allowing you to purge that hotel staleness while you're on the road.  On the whole I was very surprised and pleased by the quality of their product, and with a Valentine Special on until the end of February giving 15% off, now's the time to try them out.  [GT]

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Get spring cleaning with Ecover Pick 'n' Mix


It's nearly spring cleaning time, so why not make 2007 the year you give Mr. Muscle the boot and see if you can do the whole thing eco-style?

Fortunately, this no longer means hours scrubbing the fridge with nothing but lemon juice, elbow grease and a holier-than-thou attitude, since Ecover's cleaning and laundry range has grown to include everything you could possibly need for the full green clean, from fabric softener to limescale remover.

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And to kick-start you on your cleaning quest, British Eco have teamed up with Ecover to bring you a 'pick and mix' of the entire product range; a brilliant incentive to get started! I certainly plan to give my flat a green makeover this spring, and will report back with total honesty on how the experience compares with a conventional clean...

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