SteriPEN Classic UV Light Water Purifier


Combining Star Trek-like cool factor with the simple practicality of a drug-free way to make dubious water safe to drink, the SteriPEN Classic UV Light Water Purifier destroys viruses, bacteria and cysts with a swizzle of the stick.  Since it doesn't use chemicals it's safer for the environment - it doesn't create resistant strains - and it'll make you feel better without your needing more water bottles.  $100 USD.  [GT]

SteriPEN Classic UV Light Water Purifier

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COLD-fX ginseng remedy gets nod from Health Canada


COLD-fX is a ginseng-based remedy which claims "to reduce the frequency, severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms by boosting the immune system."  Health Canada just said, yes, COLD-fX does indeed meet its immune-boosting claims and can continue to advertise them.  COLD-fX is based on ancient Chinese herbal remedies, but has also gone through analysis of its ten years' use plus seven clinical trials.  First popularized by hockey players, it is now expected to come into wider use since it's got some government backing.  [GT]


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Dr. Hauschka seeks models

Eye__lip_care_4 Models come in all shapes and sizes (and none) these days, and restrictions have been stretched to a surprising size 16 in one high profile talent search. But skincare experts Dr Hauschka have gone a step further in the search for a new face of the brand, with only one stipulation for applicants: they must live in the UK and use Dr Hauschka products. Get in!

So, if you're male, female, a baby or grandparent - and use the natural skincare range - this could be your big break. For an application form, contact Becca on 01386 791049, or visit Dr Haushka's website. If you've not yet discovered their products, check out our related stories:

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A Lush offer

Miranda66_med Lush still leads the way in natural, bunny friendly, scrummy smelly stuff, and here's a great excuse to bag yourself some more of their goodies: Order anything from their website, and you can choose 100g of soap for free. All their soaps are vegetarian, most are vegan, and they're packed with fresh ingredients.

They were running this offer in stores as well, and Kiss and Makeup's Charlotte bagged a free block of 'I Should Coco', which we'd recommend to any coconut lovers - it smells yummy and due to the bits of coconut, gives you a good scrub too. Find out all about the offer and order yours on the Lush site.

[Via Kiss and Makeup]

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Blooming marvellous lippy from Cargo

Cargo_plantlove_1It's all coming up roses in the makeup department this year! Cosmetics company Cargo has just launched Plantlove, an eco friendly, ultra-trendy lipstick range that boasts the first biodegradable lipstick tube made from corn instead of the usual plastic. And the lipstick itself is all made from good, clean stuff, containing no mineral oils or petroleum, and a botanical formula with shea butter and vitamin E that's kind to lips.

lBut the bit that really made me go 'squee!' is that the outer packaging is made from flower paper encrusted with real wildflower seeds to make your garden (or in my case, dodgy window box) look gorgeous this spring too. I just hope the Cargo are not merely paying lip-service (boom boom) to such an important issue, and that this won't just be a seasonal fad.

[Via our sister site Kiss and Makeup]

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Love yourself: love the planet


Instead of mass-produced cosmetics full of questionable dyes and preservatives, Love the Planet gives you the option of beauty-boosters hand made in small batches using essential oils and sustainable raw materials. No parabens, mineral oils, SLS, GM ingredients, and it's completely vegan. Shown here are their washable cleaning pads, at 5 for £6. Instead of disposable cotton balls, simply toss the pads in the wash and use again. [GT]

Love the Planet

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The WaterRower Oxbridge - all the fun of the river without leaving your living room

230209354Gym equipment - it just ain't pretty. And yes, I know that the best thing for fitness (and avoiding unnecessary consumerism) is to simply go outside for a walk, but let's face it - that's not always fun in the British climate.

Don't clutter up your home with nasty metal-and-rubber objects, though; check out the WaterRower Oxbridge. It combines beautiful cherry wood construction (which, the website claims is ecologically-sound) with a water-filled mechanism. This simulates the experience of actually rowing on a river, which is just about as close to the real thing as I'd like to get.

The WaterRower Oxbridge: £1000 from John Lewis.

[Via GadgetCandy]

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Mobile phone cancer risk to be investigated

E61f53cbf2f24ce0e93dd314b6e69Professor Lawrie Challis is planning a study of 200,000 mobile users over five years to establish once and for all whether handsets pose an increased risk of cancer.

Although research thus far has failed to find a link, Challis makes the point that things such as cigarette smoking and asbestos took ten years of widespread exposure before significant links to health showed up.

Also, an earlier Danish study did appear to find a marginally increased risk of certain types of brain tumour among long-term mobile users. Professor Challis, who is chairman of the government-sponsored mobile telecommunications health research programme, calls this a “hint”.

[Via The Times and MSN

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White Cloud Trading health-boosting wool duvets


It's easy to think of wool as a stifling, sticky, scratchy horror, but that's only what happens when wool is handled improperly. If the lanolin is stripped it has no protection against dust mites; if mixed with a synthetic it can no longer breathe. Natural wool with the lanolin intact is naturally resistant to dust mites, plus an excellent insulator. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, just like cotton, it is the perfect modern blanket material. Those at White Cloud Trading got into wool duvets for precisely these reasons, plus their personal experiences with magnet therapy. (My experience with magnet therapy is that it is goofy, but, one man's goofiness is another man's religion - and the duvets themselves sound top-drawer.) [GT]

White Cloud Trading wool duvets

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Review: Rosa Fina Skincare products from Barefoot Botanicals

Facecream In my continuing search for the perfect skincare range, I've been trying out the Rosa Fina range from Barefoot Botanicals. The company creates organic skincare products that are choc full of essential oils and natural plant extracts, avoiding petrochemicals and other potentially harmful substances. The Rosa Fina products are produced using "oil expressed from the macerated seeds of a wild rose growing only in the Chilean Andes" (so not good news for your global footprint, I'm afraid). According to the blurb, "Rosa Mosqueta oil... has been used by the indigenous population for all kinds of skin problems related to ageing" and the products are touted as being good for wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. So how did I get on with them? Find out, after the turn.

The colour of the Rosa Fina Intensive Facial Radiance Cream (£19.95) is truly a sight to behold. Bright yellow is not a colour I tend to associate with moisturiser, and the smell offered a similarly arresting sensual surprise, which won't suit those who prefer more delicate scents. I quite liked it, however.

Rfbodyconditioninglotion When it came to using the moisturiser, I found it reluctant to go on and clingy. It certainly left my face feeling smooth, and it wasn't oily, but a slightly sticky finish made putting makeup over the top difficult. However, if you don't wear foundation, you may find this moisturiser suits you perfectly. Getting it to absorb into your skin may take a bit of persuasion, but it does leave you with soft, matte skin.

The Rosa Fina Body Conditioning Lotion (£24.95) suffered similarly clingy tendencies, leaving my skin feeling soft, but without that nice glowing lustre I like from a body lotion.

Rffaceoil_1 But while the moisturisers disappointed, the Rosa Fina Intensive Radiance Face Oil (£24.95) was sheer bliss. It makes your skin feel lovely, leaves you with a nice glow, and (slightly counter-intuitively) doesn't make your skin oily. While I wasn't sold on the moisturisers, I really did like the face oil and I'd certainly recommend you check it out. [Katie Lee]

Rosa Fina Skincare range from Barefoot Botanicals

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Used the Rosa Fina Range before? Tell us what you thought of it!

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