UFO's Can Solve Climate Change, Says ex Defense Minister


Ex-defense minister of Canada Paul Hellyer has recently declared that he believes the best solution to global warming is alien technology. He calls on all governments to immediately disclose any alien tech they've been hoarding, for the good of humanity. Hellyer, once a candidate for leadership of both the Liberal and Conservative parties respectively, says "We need to persuade governments to come clean on what they know. Some of us suspect they know quite a lot, and it might be enough to save our planet if applied quickly enough." [GT]

Alien technology the best hope to 'save our planet:' ex-defence boss [via Treehugger]

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News Roundup: Road pricing debate continues, chilly Neanderthals and more

1. Road pricing is not 'stealth tax'. Blair responds to the 1.8 million people who signed a petition against it. [Guardian]

2. Looks like the Neanderthals were frozen out. [BBC]

3. Native people hold valuable knowledge for saving endangered species. [Independent]

4. EU target to cut carbon emissions survives attacks. [WWF]

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News Roundup: Too late for ice caps, or will thick clouds save us?

1. It may already be too late to save the ice caps. [Guardian]

2. Could artificially-created 'thick' clouds protect us from climate change? [BBC]

3. London's congestion charge zone extended westwards. [MSN]

4. Low levels of air pollution can increase risk of stroke. [Planet Ark]

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News Roundup: New climate pact, bad news for sea levels and more

1. Leading international politicians sign climate pact. Does this mean that change is in the air? [BBC]

2. Water found under Antarctic ice - sea levels could rise quicker than previously thought. [Guardian]

3. New evidence shows there was water on Mars. [Telegraph]

4. Pioneering scheme from Australia turns household (unrecyclable) rubbish into compost. [Independent]

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Canada's Kyoto constitutional crisis


Opposition parties in Canada have just passed a bill requiring the Canadian government table plans to follow Kyoto within the next sixty days.  However, the Tory government of the country with the fourth highest greenhouse emissions per capita has indicated that it will probably just ignore the law if the Senate (equivalent to the House of Lords in terms of bill-signing powers) passes it into law.   [GT]

Kyoto bill sparks constitutional questions | PM says he will 'respect' Kyoto bill

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Environment Minister John Baird called the bill a "toothless tiger", despite that many constitutional scholars have indicated it would still be, er, a law, and not following it could collapse the government.  Developing.  Update: Harper indicated that he will not simply ignore the law, but complains the law allocates no money to create a plan to follow it, so has no force.  So if I have no money for car insurance, I should just drive without it?  What if I have no money for clothes?

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News Roundup: Greener air-con, whaling ship on fire and more

1. Japanese whaling ship catches fire. Fears for crew and environment. [BBC]

2. Greener air-con targetted. I'm guessing they're not just talking about opening a window... [Green Consumer Guide]

3. Road-pricing is part of the climate change solution. [Friends of the Earth]

4. Greenpeace wins nuclear (legal) challenge. [MSN]

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It's here! The M&S top: made from 11 plastic bottles

Msbottleses1402_228x312 A month ago we reported that Marks and Spencer's would soon be making clothing out of bottles as part of its £200m eco-plan. So if you were wondering what this would look like,  here's a taster. The first item to be displayed is this black fleece made from 11 plastic bottles, which look like, well, a fleece. It's not going to be wowing 'em at London Fashion Week, but M&S sells a lot of fleeces, and making staple wardrobe items from recycled materials makes perfect sense when you consider that the chain will save 6000 barrels of oil a year to make fleeces alone.

Related Stories: M&S announces unprecidented green overhaul | The green welly brigade

Added to that the bottles that would have otherwise gone into landfill, and you have a coat that would make the most cynical among us feel as warm and cosy inside as out. The brains behind the recycled clothes are Greenpac, an innovative recycling organisation that worked with M&S to create the new line of clothing. The fleece is just the beginning of the suggestions Greenpac are putting to M&S, and it'll be very interesting to see what they do next. They seem to be full of good ideas!

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News Roundup: How to have a green Valentine's, climate deadlock and more

1. There is still hope! International climate deadlock may be ended after all. [BBC]

2. UK's children have lowest well-being in the developed world. Golly. [MSN]

3. Britain tries to block European targets for renewable energy. [Guardian]

4. How to have a green Valentine's Day. [Independent]

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News Roundup: Shifting Shores, rainforest protection and more

1. Shifting Shores report spells trouble for Welsh coastline. [Guardian]

2. A third of Borneo now protected thanks to landmark rainforest declaration. Hurrah! [WWF]

3. UK government wants to cut spending on climate change research. Yeah, 'cause that makes sense... [Independent]

4. North Korea agrees to nuclear disarmament. [MSN]

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News Roundup: Toxic waste, whaling, and an alternative view on climate change

1. Monsanto chemical company dumped toxic waste in UK. Cleaning it up won't be so easy. [Guardian]

2. Join the latest trend - ditch air travel. [Independent]

3. An alternative theory on the science of climate change. [Times]

4. Japanese government pushes whale meat to an unenthusiastic public. [PlanetArk]

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