Garden-in-a-bag gives the gift of fresh herbs


There's nothing like fresh herbs to perk up virtually any foodstuff, and the Garden-in-a-bag makes it easy to give them instead of cut, already-near-death flowers as a gift. It comes in Basil, Italian Parsley, Good Luck, Lavender, Alpine Strawberry and Mini-Tomato, and to get it going, you just mix the seed and bag contents, add water, and place under a window (or even desk lamp). [GT]

Garden-in-a-bag [via CubeMe]

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Herb Chopper and Board


Stylish yet simple, the Herb chopper and board from EcoCentric is nicely concave with non-slip feet, and made from oiled, FSC certified wood, so it's entirely sustainable or recyclable. Fresh herbs are a top way to dress up any meal and this board would make a terrific gift for anyone, any time. £25. [GT]

Herb chopper and board

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Dragonfly votive

GreendragonCandlelight ain't just for Valentine's Day, you know. Especially when it is this pretty...

This votive casts golden dragonflies around your room. It has a double-layered construction of metal and glass and high sides to protect the candle flame. And it's fair trade, too.

Available in either green or white, it costs £12 from Ethnic Style. Lovely.

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Bottle Cutter brings recycling home


Why buy recycled glass when you've got glass to recycle right at home? Oh yes, there's the pesky problem of turning it into a form that is more useful to you than the typical nippled missile shape. Solution: the Bottle Cutter from the Green Directory's shop. It cuts the glass off safely so you can turn around and make drinking vessels, ashtrays or vases. £31.50 and you get 35 bonus points. [GT]

Bottle Cutter

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Recycled fork you, my love: vintage silver jewellery


The Fork Heart Necklace by Jennifer Northup stylishly converts vintage silver into a modern spin on old-school Valentine hearts.  Putting a tippy pendant on a double chain gives a great update on the classic, and at $59 you can feel good about your contribution to recycling and handmade craft.  (Also, the proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.)    Zanisa tags all products with whether they're recycled, sustainable, fair-trade, handmade, organic or natural, making ethical shopping a graphic process.   [GT]

Fork Heart Necklace [via GreatGreenGoods]

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LightWedge - the energy-efficient reading light

LworigmainOoh, I love this idea. The LightWedge is a slim and portable light that sits on your book and illuminates the page. The light is clean and strong to make reading easy, but because it is directed at the book (using a clever tapered lens), it isn't wasteful.

When I get insomnia and like to sit up in bed and read in the middle of the night - I reckon my husband would love me to use one of these, rather than putting on the bedside lamp.

It uses two energy-efficient LEDs, but unfortunately runs off batteries (4 AA size). If I use rechargeables can I still have one? Please?

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Valentine's offer at Natural Collection

S302p160471 Natural Collection has picked out a selection of gifts for Valentine's Day - including Rosa Fina Skincare, the Florame organic toiletries range and men's organic cotton rugby shirts - and they are giving you 10% off. Quick though; offer ends on 7th February.

Natural Collection

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Pocket Garden for your Valentine?

Pocgarvar_lgAnother fresh (fresh - geddit?!) idea for your Valentine this Feb 14th is a Forget Me Not or Wild Strawberry Pocket Garden. Alternatively, give a spicier message with the red chilli variety.

The sealed and leak-proof bags contain specially formulated compost and seeds, and once cut open, just require water and light in to allow them to grow into Wild Strawberries, Forget Me Nots, Clovers or Spicy Chillies.

£4.95 from IWOOT

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Say it with (organic) flowers

Organic_red_roses_5 If red roses are the only way to your loved one's heart this Valentine's Day, then why not surprise them with a bouquet that doesn't contain pesticides, fertilisers or other nasties?

Organic flowers are still quite tricky to find, but ethical store By Nature have teamed up with the recently founded Organic Flower Company to offer a range of organic, fair trade and locally-sourced flowers, just in time for Valentine's. You can pick a bunch like this one for as little as £35 at their website, and to keep romance blooming long after the petals have dropped, every bouquet comes wrapped in paper encrusted with wildflower seeds that can be planted, and attached with a keepsake ladybird peg (aww!)

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Valentine Green Box from Carbon Neutral

Big_valentinepack Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Rather than splashing out on some cut (ie. dead) flowers, how about the Valentine Green Box from Carbon Neutral?

It contains one month of guilt-free carbon-offset driving (325 kg of carbon, based on a 1.6 car travelling 1000 miles), some mini Green and Blacks choccie and a recycled leather heart-shaped keyring.

£12.50 from The Carbon Neutral Company.

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