Make Your Own Shoes


Frustrated with ephemeral changes to women's footwear and the astronomical prices charged for a few scraps of silk and leather covered in glue, Mary Wales Loomis decided to learn to make her own shoes.  Possessed of sturdier construction than most fashion wear, and just as up-to-the-minute (your model, she says, can be easily updated to change the few bits that actually vary) your handmade shoes will also fit you perfectly since they're based on a 'last' modeled from your very own foot.  $26 USD for her book on how.  [GT]

Make your own shoes [via Trendhunter]

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Make your own tortilla press


Tortillas are a Romance food staple which us pasty whiteys often don't experience properly, since they have a peak lifespan measured in hours (and we often get them after days, or even weeks, in brittle plastic-wrapped packages). You can make your own tortilla press for about £5, which lets you in on a great food experience. (Be sure to use FSC certified timber or recycled wood!) [GT]

DIY Tortilla Press

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DIY Oil Can Parts Bin


If you've got a garage, there's a good chance you've got a bunch of oil cans kicking around in it that you really should have taken in for recycling but somehow haven't.  Or, you can use the Oil Can Parts Bin How-To to turn those cans into useful little catch-alls (though please do recycle the tops and bottoms anyhow and also dispose of any leftover oil properly - oh darlings, as if you'd do otherwise).  [GT]

Oil Can Parts Bin How-To

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Bottle Cutter brings recycling home


Why buy recycled glass when you've got glass to recycle right at home? Oh yes, there's the pesky problem of turning it into a form that is more useful to you than the typical nippled missile shape. Solution: the Bottle Cutter from the Green Directory's shop. It cuts the glass off safely so you can turn around and make drinking vessels, ashtrays or vases. £31.50 and you get 35 bonus points. [GT]

Bottle Cutter

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1979 Kirby Hunting Trophy DIY


Why throw out an old vacuum cleaner when you can cut its head off and mount it on your wall?  The 1979 Kirby Hunting Trophy also provides a cool little secret compartment that you'd probably actually find handy, and if you insist on it having some useful quality it also lights up.  But mainly it's an entertaining comment on how in the future we'll be eating a lot of robots.  [GT]

1979 Kirby Hunting Trophy

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DIY: Rice Paper Roller Shades


A little pricey for what they do compared with most of our DIY projects, but gorgeous, and inexpensive compared to what you'd pay to have someone else custom make them, let us present Apartment Therapy's "How to Make your own Rice Paper Roller Shades".  Rice paper provides a vibrant mute on sunlight and only gets more dazzling as it bleaches with age - and this set lasted ten years before the paper needed to be replaced (whereupon it could be composted, natch).  $85 USD per shade.  [GT]

Apartment Therapy's "How to Make your own Rice Paper Roller Shades" [via Ecofriend]

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DIY LED Bike Light System


The plans for the LED Bike Light System can be used just to make a headlight, or for the full headlight-taillight system giving a bright white light on the front and modest (but prominent) red on the back. The rear light even blinks! It's not quite as bright as a 15w Nite Rider headlight but it is brighter than the 10w, and gives you the satisfaction of knowing how the technology goes together. The author of the plan also reports he used it in a 45 minute pouring rain and it passed with flying colours. [GT]

LED Bike Light System

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How to grow your own luffa shower sponge


To heck with elaborate high-tech exfoliants: one of the best pieces of tech to revitalize your skin all over (nearly) is the old-school luffa sponge - and stores often price them accordingly, even though they're extremely inexpensive to cultivate. However, Groovy Green has posted a great tutorial on how to grow your own luffa en masse, in your garden. It requires "a long season of frost-free weather", which is more common than it should be, but waste not, want not. Start growing them this spring and allow them to mature until the first frost kills the vine, and you'll have more luffa sponges than you can possibly use (thus taking care of your minor Christmas presents next year at practically no cost to you). If this sounds like fun but you don't have a garden, check out the Earth box, which gives you a complete growing area in a very condensed space. (That eliminates the cost savings, of course, but gives you the soothing ability to putter in a garden without the hassle of a full-size one.) [GT]

How to make (and grow) a luffa!

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How to boil an egg with the sun


Can you boil an egg, using only the focused power of the sun, in gray and drippy Kent? Yes. If you have a whole weekend to spend on it. (Well, not a whole weekend; three hours to build the kettle and an hour to cook the egg will do.) The cooker is basically on the standards solar oven principle, except covered with simple foil instead of being made of real metal. Be warned do not touch the cooking pot without a glove or cloth as it does get very hot. I actually got blistered by it!!!!!!! [GT]

Solar Kettle [via MAKE]

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Make your own origami TV


If you're the kind of Hippyshopper that has a computer but no television, the Sharp Pencil Quality TV will be right up your alley.  Instructions are pretty straightforward: download the template, cut it out, glue it together, wrap the ribbon around two pencils, and enjoy.  Available already are templates for Dr. Strangelove, Dirty Harry and Kill Bill Vol 1, but you're encouraged to get their template and create your own.  [GT]

Sharp Pencil Quality TV [via Shiny Shiny]

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