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Shiny Awards 2007 - coming very soon

shiny%20awards2.jpgThe Shiny boys’ tuxes are back from the dry cleaners, while the girls are fending off calls from major Italian fashion houses.

Yep the awards season is on its way. And up there with the Globes, the Oscars and the south Suffolk Marrow growers' Vegathon is the annual Shiny awards.
Each year Team Shiny, in conjunction with a crack posse of gadget know-it-alls from The Sun, Guardian, Q etc get together to vote for the best and worst gadgets of the year.

Among the categories are serious stuff like Green Gadget, Best Smartphone and Web 2.0 innovation as well as a few more entertaining contests which we’ll let you know about very soon.

Sorry to say that the Chav Gadget award, won so spectacularly by the Apple iPod shuffle last year, is no more, but we have come up with a suitably cheesy replacement.

We are also teaming up with several European blog networks to launch the first ever Blog readers Euro-Gadget of the year. You’ll get your chance to vote on that very soon too.

Over the next week or so we will also be posting the nominations on Shiny Shiny and Tech Digest.

The awards will be held in a swanky central London venue on February 21st. Now where did I put that satin sash belt… [ashleynorris]

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Carnival of the Green #59


Welcome to the first Carnival of the Green for 2007, and being the first one in three weeks, it's triple packed.  Up top we've got word from Carnival founder and Hippyshopper emeritus Al Tepper, who was tapped to write Blogbridge's 'Green Planet' expert topic guide.  His list, in alphabetical order: Eco Worrier from Times Online, ecorazzi, Greenpeace, Gristmill from Grist, Hippyshopper (!), Joel Makower, RealClimate, The Oil Drum, Treehugger and WorldChanging.  Wow.  That's amazing company to be in and thanks are due from me and (again, alphabetically) John, Katie, Ken and Sarah.  Now, on with the carnival!

Companies providing carbon offsets are springing up nearly as fast as the trees they're planting.  To help you decide the right one for you, David of The Good Human has prepared a guide titled Buying Carbon Offsets - Which Company Do You Choose.

Give a man a battery and he has a flashlight until the thing burns out and he stubs his toes.  But, Vihar Sheth of Green Rising points out in  Turn On Your Love Light, give a man a microcredit loan and he'll buy solar panels and energy efficient bulbs, giving himself a permanent light, and he'll pay that loan back, too.  Sheth also writes about the new class of  Responsible MBAs.

Tracy Stokes EcoStreet has a post on Free car recycling in the EU, which is "about the new End of Life Vehicles Directive.  Car manufacturers are being made to pay for the recycling of vehicles of all ages."  Hippyshopper's awesome Sarah Painter also picked this up under Manufacturers to cover cost of car scrapping.

Phil for Humanity asks, "Can You Guess One of Biggest Wastes of Electricity? -From the Other Grinch".  It isn't toasters.  Phil also posits some  Solutions for Saving the Planet and Humanity.

Nina of Queercents addresses the same problem in her post titled LED Holiday Lights: Eco-Friendly & Reduces Your Electric Bill.  "In Deck the Halls," she notes, "Danny DeVito decorates his house with Christmas lights in an excessive attempt to make it become visible from space. It made me think again about the environmental impact lights have on the environment and motivated me to search for and switch to the LED alternative this holiday season."  I stocked up on low-cost strings after Christmas - though I'd already made a point of throwing out any remaining conventional lights during this year's decoration process.  Nina also writes on  The Small House Movement vs. Big, Bad Houses, noting that "the tiny home movement has received lots of attention but unfortunately, big is still perceived as better when it comes to housing."

Jade L. Blackwater - normally of Arboreality - has "a guest-blog at Garden Rant on the subject of Christmas trees.  This post discusses green ways to enjoy Christmas trees from start to finish, including cut and live tree selection, and tree-cycling.  To compliment my guest-blog at Garden Rant, I have also written a post on how to care for and plant a live Christmas tree, which you can find here: Detailed information on how to care for and plant live Christmas trees.

While not normally a green blog, Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket brings us Post-Holiday Commentary - cause aren't we all going green?


Hippyshopper's last carnival of the green was the "Save The Ribble" edition, and this time around you can pick up Save The Ribble's New Year Resolutions.  Ribble poster Riversider also raises issues regarding the Riversway Riverworks Consultation - Ignoring the Questions That Most Concern Residents

The Groovy Green staff have posted their own, and would like to hear your, Steps Toward A Solution and New Year's Resolutions.

I can't help liking the nickname for the Generative Transformation blog - and their message on The Economics of Self-Awareness by Brandon Peele is pretty interesting also.  In related news, Stentor Danielson has A Political Ecology Lesson for Ronald Bailey, rebutting the idea that "urbanization and globalization will solve all our problems".

Tucked back in the Community Action tent that the Green Festival last month," notes writer, model, actress and environmentalist Victoria E,  "it was easy to miss the collection of over 30 local and national non-profits. It could stand to be argued that this small collection of tables was the most important at the entire event, yet they were relegated to a tent outside."  Her detailed dissection of this problem is located at Local non-profits: the heart of the Green Festival.  She follows this up in Green Buyouts: Corporate Progression or Mainstream Trickery, asking, "Am I the only one who is getting sick of hearing about small, homegrown eco-brands being bought by big corporations and investment groups? By no means am I against the development of a just and planet-friendly company, but this is getting ridiculous. Is it impossible for a company to be profitable without "submitting" to the bigwigs who harvested the problems with our current marketplace?"

Matthew Paulson at Getting Green tells you Why Should You Be "Getting Green"?

As a Canadian during the demise of fishing in Newfoundland's Grand Banks, I'm painfully aware of Veggie Revolution's point about a New book about how overfishing is changing the world.  "Sally Kneidel, biologist and co-author of Veggie Revolution, writes about Charles Clover's new book, The End of the Line: How Overfishing Is Changing the World and What We Eat.  Clover makes a strong case that most fish stocks will collapse within the next 50 years, due to more efficient fishing methods and world population growth. But he proposes solutions that will work, if we demand that they be implemented."  Also at Veggie Revolution, Sally Kneidel, provides the Top 6 Ways to Protect Wildlife from Commercial Trade.  "More than 650 wild animals were imported into the United States in the last three years.  Sally Kneidel, PhD, writes about the illegal trade in wildlife and animal body parts - for traditional medicines, for pets, for research.  She lists 6 ways to avoid contributing to this destructive trafficking."

Won't you Join Us In Creating a Better Tomorrow?  Justin Lowery invites all to blog4brains.com.

Climate change: learning from Norway contains "Some notes on Norwegian climate change policy, and a comparison with New Zealand's," from Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn.

From Don Bosch of Evangelical Ecologist: After 30 years of Saddam’s stalinist rule and nearly four years since he was deposed, a democratic Iraq is making great strides on the environment in its own right, and with the help of the international environmental community. Don Bosch at The Evangelical Ecologist looks at the new Iraqi Environmental Ministry, including their exceptional work to restore the Mesopotamian Marshlands nearly destroyed by the late dictator."  Read on in The Desert Blooms.

Mr Juggles recommends we  Make Emissions Delicious, Stop Global Warming at Long or Short Capital.

When Constance Brown moved from Arizona to Indiana two years ago, she was struck by a major difference: people in Indiana don't think about water every day the way people in Arizona do.  At the Greener News Room, she writes about how Trees manage water, even in arid environments.  "Water scarcity is slowly becoming a fact of life in increasingly large areas."


Nathan of Greenthinkers writes about the Enviro Mighty Mouse: "Apple has been granted a patent for a hybrid low power computer mouse. Basically, this 'green' mouse will use two different mechanisms to track its movement on your desk - an optical tracking sensor and a new feature, an accelerometer."  I also covered this at Apple Patents Hybrid Low Power Computer Mouse.

Judy Kingsbury of Savvy Vegetarian proclaims: Attention Hippy Shoppers! Save Your Health AND The Planet: Find Out Why You Should Avoid GMO Foods Like The Plague That They Are!

Growth is Madness! has a great photo, not to mention its article Did someone say, “steady state economy”? which proposes that not just corporations should be able to trade emissions credits - but that every adult should have their own "Tradable Energy Quotas" that would be "(initially carbon-linked, but eventually, once clean energies are relatively pervasive, just energy-linked ), with the option to buy more or sell their surplus."

And finally, a hat-trick from Matt: two recommendations and one of his own.  He brings us Hunger and food insecurity in the Latino community at U.S. Food Policy, What Ollie Moore Wants from Santy at olliesplace and his own predictions for An Organic 2007? at Organic Researcher.   Thanks thrice, Matt - and thanks to all others who submitted to Carnival of the Green #59.  Let's all have that green year Matt (and all of us) are hoping for.  [GT]

Carnival of the Green #58 was hosted by Cocolico on December 18th, 2006, and Carnival of the Green #60 will be hosted by One/Change on January 15, 2007.  Carnival of the Green is based at Treehugger.    [GT/Gabrielle Taylor, Editor, Hippyshopper]

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Convenient Truths: A Green Video Contest

Truths_300x250animSeventh Generation and TreeHugger have put out a call for entries for Convenient Truths: a green video contest.

Videos should show easy, practical and creative ways of reducing your own carbon emissions in everyday life and be between one and two minutes long.

You've got until the end of February to get yours in and there is nearly $30,000 worth of prizes up for grabs. So beg, borrow or steal* a camcorder and have at it.

*Not really. That would be bad.

Related: A Year of Living Generously

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Hippyshopper is looking for new writers!

We're looking for more writers for Hippyshopper, so if you're interested get in touch! We need someone who can post a couple of times a day (5 days a week) about green issues, products, reviews and news. We're after someone who is based in the UK, ideally near London, so that you can attend product launches and press annoucements. There's potential for this job to grow as Shiny Media is currently expanding at a rapid rate, and if you'd also like to write for any of our other sites, make sure you let us know.

If you're interested in writing for us, please send over an email telling us about yourself along with a few sample posts for Hippyshopper. Emails should be sent to me (Katie) at editor[at]shinyshiny.tv

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Brandish, the decent blog for decent blokes

Picture_3_47BRANDISH, Shiny Media's new site for men dedicated to The Coolest Stuff in the World is now live and kicking, so check it out and spread the word. It'll feature must-have gadgets, fashion that won't make you look like a metrosexual arse, illegally fast cars, fine Cuban cigars, Japanese robots, that sort of thing.
Shiny People

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Have you taken the Shiny survey yet?

if you live in the United Kingdom and you haven't yet filled out the Shiny Media survey, please take five minutes to give us your views. We'll make it worth your while - there are MP3 players, a limited edition Star Wars phone and a portable DVD player up for grabs just for ticking a few boxes and leaving your email address.

For the full list of prizes up for grabs click here.

To take the survey click here.

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Do the Shiny Media Survey - you might win a Portable DVD Player/Star Wars Nokia/Creative MuVo music player

Our Shiny Media survey may not constitute the most fun you've ever had online, but if you spend five minutes of your life answering our questions you might just win yourself a:

Toshiba 9-inch Portable DVD player
Nokia 3220 - Orange - Star Wars Special Edition Mobile Phone
Creative MuVo TX 256MB Music Player (eight of these to give away)
Sony 1GB Bean music player (we've got four of these to give away)

Go on! - it won't take you a sec and we'll love you forever.

Click here to take survey

[Non-UK readers: Sorry - it's not open to you. It's nothing personal, we promise!]

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Spinning_earth3_1 Now here's something for everybody!  WikiGreen is a community for "Sustainable living, Intentional communities and life Off the grid. You will find here the personal experience of Alternative energy, Back to the land and Do-It-Yourself people, as well as regular folks wanting to live more Green."  I'm a little surprised to not have run into any green wikis before because the whole philosophy is about community - if you've got one, please do share.  The great thing about wikis is, they can be whatever you make them - and since WikiGreen already has nearly a thousand articles posted, it looks like its making itself into something very useful indeed.

The main subjects on the front page are Agriculture, Community, Construction, DIY, Food and Drink, Technology and Health.  There's also an Ideas page where you can post things you'd like to see happen, such as recycling tetra paks into roofing.

The organization structure could use a little improvement, but like I said, the great thing about a wiki is, you don't have to just sit around complaining about how things should be, you can get right in there and tidy them up.  The exempla of the hippy spirit!


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Carnival of Green #26: Save the Ribble edition

P1010061Aloha, fellow ecologists.  This week's Carnival is coming to you from Hippy Shopper, where I'm the brand-new editor - and instead of a baptism by fire, we have a baptism by green!  But let me pause for a minute to thank Ella Rabaiotti, who suffered through training me with grace and charm, but alas, has now gone over to the now doubly enviable CityHippy.  Good luck, Ella!  Now, on with the show! People have sent in a lovely batch of posts and the lovely and talented Al from CityHippy - cofounder of the traveling eco-blog along with TriplePundit - has provided some spiffy handholding as necessary.  Thanks Al - and thanks to Gerry Pugliese, GrrlScientist, Nick Aster, Riversider, Aaron Newton, Camden Lady, Jemilah Magnusson, Enrique, Scott Smith, Melissa Mansfield, Laura Klein, Harlan Weikle, Liz Hincks and Jeff McIntire-Strasburg for providing such great material, and Greg from Save the Ribble for the lovely photo of a wetland that needs not to become a riverworks.  Read on for more on the Ribble and a fat, luscious heap of carnival goodness!


Gerry Pugliese, who notes disclaimerwise that he works for Dr Fuhrman, relays a post about Dr Fuhrman's props for pomegranate juice.  "A rich source of phytochemical compounds shown to benefit the heart and blood vessels. It not only lowers cholesterol, but lowers blood pressure and increases the speed at which heart blockages (atherosclerosis) melt away."

Pomegranate Power:

from Disease Proof:

GrrlScientist offers up "a review of Timothy Egan's book about the Dust Bowl days. This book serves as a powerful warning about environmental damages resulting from human greed and ignorance."

The Worst Hard Time:

from Living the Scientific Life:

Nick Aster wonders, "Why not make a little collapsible container that's small enough to take with you when you go out to eat? Despite the potential for tackiness, it struck me as a good business idea." I commented on previous HippyShopper posts on Orikaso origami dishware and the workplace dish set from vessel.

Would Durable Containers for Takeaway Food Work? http://www.triplepundit.com/pages/would-durable-containers-for-t-002129.phpReigh_belisama_the_shining_river

from triplepundit:

Reigh Belisama has some heartbreaking pictures of the River Ribble, an area described as "horrid," "bleak", "severely underutilised" and "barren" by city councillors eager to establish a new Riverworks.  The Redshanks living in the tidal flats seem to like it just the way it is.

Photographs of The River Ribble - Greenbelt Under Threat.

from Save the Ribble:

Regarding fish smiling as oil passes peak, Aaron Newton of Groovy Green says, "In the future as we pass the peak in global oil production some people may complain about the reduced availability of fish for human consumption. Other will lament the rise in cost. Many in the industry might not be able to continue this way of making a living as fuel prices push ever higher. For our finned friends however peak oil might have arrived just in time."

fish smiling as oil passes peak

from Groovy Green:

"I have a small portfolio of shares in green companies," says Camden Lady, "and updated progress on that this week at http://camdenlady.wordpress.com/2006/05/01/little-green-shares/, as well as commenting further on one which is doing rather well in the current drought by selling water butts at http://camdenlady.wordpress.com/2006/05/03/straight-plcs-rise-and-rise/.  We're having local council elections, and I voted for one green candidate, and two labour ones, blogged at http://camdenlady.wordpress.com/2006/05/02/council-elections-red-with-a-little-green/.

Little Green Shares

Straight PLC’s rise and rise

Council Elections - Red, with a little Green

from Camden Lady:

Jemilah Magnusson of The Green Life blogged from a forest leadership forum in Portland, Oregon.  He describes how he "attends a presentation by Wal-Mart, and is underwhelmed. Wal-Mart shows, yet again, that they are not serious about change, and that they just don't get it."

Forest Leadership Forum Day 1: And now onto the Forum

Forest Leadership Forum Day Two: Leave it to Wal-Mart to Ruin My Day

from The Green Life:

Enrique provided the carnival with a joyful heap of green design posts from Common Ground: "Zero emissions, village-style car-free neighborhoods - and no landfill. A new settlement on the Yangtze will show the world that China wants to help save the planet after all."

Common Ground: Design

from Common Ground:

Scott Smith doubles up with posts from Greenthinkers and Envirolet Buzz.  At Greenthinkers, Nathan has a week on Green Beauty Secrets, with the word here on green shampoo. 

Green Beauty Secrets: Shampoos

from Greenthinkers:

Scott also raises the idea of "a Yard Sale for a Cure," where "you have a yard sale on May 27th and donate all or some of the proceeds to the Yard Sale for the Cure for breast cancer research.  So you help find a cure for breast cancer and recycle/reuse some old stuff you don't want anymore!"

Yard Sale for a Cure

from Envirolet Buzz:

Melissa Mansfield at LA Green Living posts "Global Warming Issue Heating Up: a look at the recent attention that the global warming/climate change issue has attracted. The post includes information and resources that educate and hopefully inspire, such as Renew US' 'retrospective' film from 2055 that shows how humankind reversed the destructive path we 'were' on, Laurie David's online petition drive, and Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth."

Global Warming Issue Heating Up

from LA Green Living:

Laura Klein of Organic Authority has a smart post on how to get "fresh summer salads by growing your own delicious organic salad, even if you lack sufficient yard space."

Organic Gardening: Anyone Can Grow a Salad


from Organic Authority:

CityHippy sez: time for Starbucks Challenge 4.0!  "CityHippy & GreenLAGirl launch the latest phase of the Starbucks Challenge to measure just how serious Starbucks are about solving the problems they have accepted exist with regard to delivering on their fairtrade promise. Join the fun, keep Starbucks honest and even win some great green prizes."

Starbucks Challenge 4.0

from CityHippy:

Harlan Weikle has a great article on the "first commercial application of biomass to electricity" at Greener Magazine (co-founded by ForestImagesProject.org).  Biomass Investment Group is building a 130 megawatt power plant fueled by... grass!  "The fuel used in this process is called Arundo donax or "Giant Reed", which is similar to bamboo and grows rapidly, 5 cm per day, to nearly 3 meters in height."

First commercial application of biomass to electricity

from Greener Magazine:

GreatGreenGoods "continues to find products that keep waste out of the landfills no matter how big or how small."  Liz Hincks writes that "this week GGG is focusing on record albums and record album covers.  We have found several ingenious ways to reduce reuse and recycle! Have a little fun and get a bit of a groove on as well!"



Jeff McIntire-Strasburg of Sustainablog asks, "What About a Tool for Community Garden Organizing?" His reader, Chris Davis notes, "We've seen the power of online community organizing tools, but I'm not aware of anything that would allow people to indicate if they'd like to garden or else offer a small piece of land for others to garden. Do you think there would be sufficient interest in people using an online tool such as this?"  This sounds like a job for Platial.

What About a Tool for Community Garden Organizing?

from Sustainablog:

And that's a wrap!  Ladies and gentlemen, take a bow to the very hippy accompaniment of Ezra Pound:

O GENERATION of the thoroughly smug
and the thoroughly uncomfortable,
I have seen fishermen picknicking in the sun,
I have seen them with untidy families,
I have seen their smiles full of teeth
and heard ungainly laughter.
And I am happier than you are,
And they were happier than I am;
And the fish swim in the lake
and do not even own clothing.


Carnival of Green #25 was hosted by Spiral Visions on May 1, 2006, and Carnival #27 will be hosted by EarthEcho International on May 15, 2006.


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