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What is plagiarism?


A question that must confront us as ethical consumers, as we consider buying products from companies with lax intellectual property laws, or works by artists who may have done more than draw inspiration from other artists, is: what is plagiarism?  It is defined as passing off someone else's work as one's own, and increasingly considered a high intellectual sin.

But should it be? Great artists have lifted much from each other: the Count of Monte Cristo is based on a much lesser work called Revenge and a Diamond and of course TS Eliot stole from Shakespeare who stole from Plutarch. Star Trek's Tribbles were stolen from Heinlein who stole it from Pigs is Pigs.  So are we choking our own culture in effort to legitimize it?  The Ecstacy of Influence discusses.  [GT]

The Ecstacy of Influence

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