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Vegetarian Society awards - have your say

Awards07web For the non flesh-eaters among us, the Vegetarian Society provides a wealth of really useful information on life in a carnivorous world. Their awards, which are now spread throughout the year with a different category to vote on each month, are a great incentive for the food industry to pull its socks up in terms of the quality and availability of vegetarian options.

And as a frustrated veggie who has been wondering for YEARS why Muller Light are still using gelatine, and why Worcestershire sauce is so hard to find without stealth-anchovies, I'm already cackling with excitement about this month's category: Imperfect world - vote for the products you think should be veggie. The society will then lobby the organisations concerned on our behalf. Which they've done with huge success in the past. Remember the days when vegetarian cheese was considered a 'speciality product'? Not that long ago, was it. Go there and have your say now!

Their past nominations pages also make interesting reading for any veggie whose ever wished for more than cheese salad in a baguette, or indeed any non-veggie who still thinks giving up meat means giving up decent fry-ups.

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