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It's here! The M&S top: made from 11 plastic bottles

Msbottleses1402_228x312 A month ago we reported that Marks and Spencer's would soon be making clothing out of bottles as part of its £200m eco-plan. So if you were wondering what this would look like,  here's a taster. The first item to be displayed is this black fleece made from 11 plastic bottles, which look like, well, a fleece. It's not going to be wowing 'em at London Fashion Week, but M&S sells a lot of fleeces, and making staple wardrobe items from recycled materials makes perfect sense when you consider that the chain will save 6000 barrels of oil a year to make fleeces alone.

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Added to that the bottles that would have otherwise gone into landfill, and you have a coat that would make the most cynical among us feel as warm and cosy inside as out. The brains behind the recycled clothes are Greenpac, an innovative recycling organisation that worked with M&S to create the new line of clothing. The fleece is just the beginning of the suggestions Greenpac are putting to M&S, and it'll be very interesting to see what they do next. They seem to be full of good ideas!

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Great news - and just in time for spring to arrive, when fleeces will be the last thing people are buying...

Posted by: wonderful electric | 15 Feb 2007 15:45:07

I think fleeces will be in demand for some months yet. No doubt there'll be other items in the range though - this is more of a long-term policy the store are adopting so maybe all of next winter's fleeces will be ex-bottles.

Posted by: Abi | 15 Feb 2007 15:57:07

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