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Soda can robug makes trash into potential overlords


The slightly disappointing news about the Soda Can Robug is that although it is by a company called Green Science, it uses a traditional battery.  Aside from that, the kit provides the components of the guts to recycle a soda can into a robot bug (which can then achieve sentience and take over the planet - which explains why they're not solar powered; with those old-school alkaline batteries they'll run down after mulching not more than 2% of humanity at large).  Price TBA.  [GT]

Soda Can Robug [via Uber-Review]

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That's reusing, not recycling, and in this case reusing to make something near useless that seems to be just as well off without the can. This is the sort of thing that, in my humble opinion, teaches that being green is stupid, and undermines green efforts everywhere...

Posted by: Kearns | 14 Feb 2007 14:09:37

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