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RM to give away 100 green PC kits to schools

Windpower_001 Last year, a new concept in energy saving computers was launched by education-focused technology firm RM. The Ecoquiet PC uses around two thirds of the energy of a normal PC, and has the added bonus of being quieter than most desktops, since its cooling system doesn't require the same whirring fans.

Schools can enter at RM's site by describing in 300 words or less how they would make use of the prize. Deadline 30th March.

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RM announced today that it is offering 100 of the Ecoquiet PCs to schools, but these machines will be greener than their predecessors: they'll run entirely on wind power. Each winning school will also get a turbine large enough to power their PC, along with instructions that pupils can follow on how to set them up.

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