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Review: Way Out Wax soy candles


I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which means my nose reacts incredibly poorly to artificial scents, with results ranging from nausea to migraines to extreme joint pain.  So I tend to be very suspicious of scented goods of any kind - but Way Out Wax has indeed got the goods.  I've had their essential-oil scented candles in my bedroom for several days now and to my surprise and delight, they're just making my room smell nice, with no ill effects for me.

Way Out Wax

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The perfume is very powerful - their statements that they use gobs of essential oil are completely true in my book!  The candles are made from non-GMO soy oil, which cleans up very easily, and instead of dyeing them different colours, the white wax is poured into glass tumblers of different colours.  They also come in travel tins that are even more potently scented, allowing you to purge that hotel staleness while you're on the road.  On the whole I was very surprised and pleased by the quality of their product, and with a Valentine Special on until the end of February giving 15% off, now's the time to try them out.  [GT]

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