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Mean, green washing machines

Washer_1 They can't really talk, but Asda are urging us all to help the environment in 2007 by turning down the temperature on our washing machines. Care instructions on all items of the George clothing range will suggest a 30 degree wash instead of the now outlawed 40, and since I am reliably informed that George clothing is now acceptable even to supermodels, that could account for an awful lot of degrees...

More than you might think, in fact. The amount of power wasted by the UK's 'archaic' washing habits according to a recent study is an almighty 1.6 billion kilowatts, which is enough to power a time machine costs us £200,000 a year, and contributes 25% of the UK's CO2 emissions from homes. So perhaps we should listen to Uncle George after all...

What else can you do to avoid wasteful washing? You might want to get your hands on some of these Eco Balls which offer a greener solution to conventional detergents. But rumour has it they're selling out fast!

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