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Yay or Nay: Fines for ciggy litter?


E Magazine reports that indoor smoking bans have unexpected negative environmental consequences.  Smokers are sent out without any new provision for what they're going to do with their litter, and smokers (as someone who's chewed a pack or two in her time, I admit, I'm no better) tend to be flick-happy with their butts in the first place.  Result, according to anecdote (which I've also observed myself) is a lot more litter which takes between one and ten years to biodegrade.  Worsted Witch notes a disturbing statistic indicating this is no small amount of trash: it is estimated that cigarette butts account for 50 percent of all litter in the world.  Also, animals eat the butts and suffer various ill effects, from indigestion to suffocation.  The Witch proposes a heavy fine for those who toss their butts in the street.  Yay, Nay or other?  [GT]

COMMENTARY: Indoor Smoking Bans [via Indoor Smoking Ban: Smoke’s on the Environment? at Worsted Witch]

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