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Organic mattresses from Warren Evans

Organic_mattress_illustrati_1 Far be it for me to speculate on what you get up to on your mattresses, particularly on such a 'delicate' occasion as Valentine's, but if yours has taken a bit of a pounding over the years and needs replacing, you might want to consider getting an organic mattress.

I have to admit, I didn't know such a thing existed or what its benefits might be, but considering the amount of time some of us spend in bed,  exposure to any chemicals sprayed on the fabrics in and on mattresses is bound to be high, and the recent interest in organic fashion has revealed a lot about just how heavily treated many textiles are. For many people with allergies, these can cause serious problems.

So these 'luxury organic' mattresses, made by Warren Evans and certified by the Soil Association, sound like they could be a good investment in many years of toxin-free sleep. They contain layers of organic Welsh Wool and are free from the pesticides, fungicides and herbicides usually added to mattresses. They do, however, comply with all British fire regulations despite containing no chemical fire-retardants.

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