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Electrolux VEGE: Grow your own - at home!

Vegehome This is such a cool idea, in every sense of the word! I've so often envied those lucky people with enough time on their hands to grow veggies in the garden or allotment, regularly harvesting bags of delicious, organic produce for little more than the price of a few seeds, and this invention from Electrolux could just be the answer...

Like a fridge, it sits in your kitchen and holds up to 40 of your favourite plants, herbs, vegetables and anything else you want to keep fresh and cool. Now for the science bit: it's what's known as a 'hydroponic growing cupboard', and it keeps your plants in ideal light and temparature conditions for optimum growth. And because it doesn't work like a standard fridge, it's better for the environment too

At the moment, the VEGE is still in prototype form, but I'd love to see it on sale. In fact, why not be a sport and dig it here!

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What an excellent site …

We will be designing an oak framed eco garden room/ office is the next month or two, we’ll keep you posted!

Why not have a look at our Borneo eco tree house complex design 2006 for Blueforest.

Kind regards

Posted by: maria | 2 Mar 2007 14:55:09

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