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DIY Cat Toys from Marmalade


Cardboard is an ideal material for cat toys, since in my experience all cats ever love to sharpen their claws on or chew it. Since all you cardboard furniture haters say you can cut up any old appliance box into a thing of beauty and a joy forever, you'll love the Marmalade cardboard cat toy DIY - print the template, attach to scrap cardboard, and put together as many cardboard mice, jacks or balls as your feline companion can take. Or you can get a pre-made cardboard mouse DIY kit (if that even makes sense) sent to you in exchange for agreeing to get marketing noise from Marmalade (which isn't a bad deal if for some reason the print-out DIY doesn't work out for you). [GT]

Marmalade cardboard cat toy DIY [via NOTCOT]

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