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New Diesel ad fuels green tempers

Diesel_gw3 I've always found so-hip-it-hurts denim label Diesel's advertising strategies to be a tad hypocritical. As a humungous global brand its publicity seems to crop up in a lot of surprisingly underground places, always making a show of supporting struggling 'indie' projects, just long enough for the cool kids catch on before it leaves them to...struggle. But that's an old rant for another time. This latest stunt, however, is twisted even by their standards...

'Don't listen to all this nonsense about climate change!' is the message of this video: 'sure, the world's going to change beyond recognition, but what the hell, we can still have fun!' Bronzed, semi-clad babes and hunks are then seen jet-skiing down a flooded Thames, parading with parrots in St. Marks Square, and 'making out' beside a sunken Mount Rushmore.

Watch it for yourself if you can stand it, then go and recycle every last pair of Diesel jeans you own!

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Sorry I have to disagree. The first half of the commercial is a nice PSA for global warming and the second half is a tongue in cheek.

Posted by: CB | 21 Feb 2007 03:21:03

I'll agree it can be seen that way, but I just think there are plenty of people who won't get that and will see it more at face value...it just seems to be undermining an important message to me.

Posted by: Abi | 21 Feb 2007 08:08:50

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