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Celebrate fairtrade fortnight with Traidcraft wine

Wine_4Fairtrade fortnight is coming up fast, and what better way to welcome it than by cracking open a bottle of fairtrade wine and raising a glass to the growers?

Unlike many of the wines in the still-small fairtrade category, Traidcraft's Torrontes is from a relatively little known and up-and-coming grape, which grows in Argentina. Torrontes gives a subtily fruity flavour, hinting of pears and melons, with a natural crisp acidity that lends itself well to salads, creamy pastas or mildly-spiced dishes - perfect for spring!

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The grapes are picked by over 500 farmers who make up the La Riojana Co-operative, and are guaranteed a good price for their grapes, as well as benefiting from free advice and technical assistance thanks to fairtrade. Sold by the case for £67.70 (that's £5.65 a bottle), Torrontes is available to order on Traidcraft's site.

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This is so interesting!
I have never heard of wine being freetrade, maybe that's me being slightly unexperienced with freetrade, but I am really happy to see that freetrade is expanding out of the world of coffee and chocolates.
Everything should be fairtrade! This is another step, and it sounds good!

Posted by: Jenna | 20 Feb 2007 20:06:18

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