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Meet Captain Ozone - eco superstar from the future...


The world needs more green heroes. Al Gore may talk a lot of sense, but his dress sense doesn't exactly put him in the super-league. Captain Planet has never done it for me with his dodgy green mullet, and as for the 'celebs' who claim to be green...well, I'll never be taken in again after Chris Martin's Chelsea Tractor Shocker.

So imagine my joy when I was greeted with the words Captain Ozone wants to be your friend on a certain social networking site. Hoping to have stumbled across the earth's true saviour I decided to google him...

I found that amongst other things, the Captain has a love of old toilets, his own clothing line and claims to come from the year 2039. Then I found this video...take a look and judge for yourself whether this is our long awaited green superstar!

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