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Canada's Kyoto constitutional crisis


Opposition parties in Canada have just passed a bill requiring the Canadian government table plans to follow Kyoto within the next sixty days.  However, the Tory government of the country with the fourth highest greenhouse emissions per capita has indicated that it will probably just ignore the law if the Senate (equivalent to the House of Lords in terms of bill-signing powers) passes it into law.   [GT]

Kyoto bill sparks constitutional questions | PM says he will 'respect' Kyoto bill

More green news

Environment Minister John Baird called the bill a "toothless tiger", despite that many constitutional scholars have indicated it would still be, er, a law, and not following it could collapse the government.  Developing.  Update: Harper indicated that he will not simply ignore the law, but complains the law allocates no money to create a plan to follow it, so has no force.  So if I have no money for car insurance, I should just drive without it?  What if I have no money for clothes?

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