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Balance water floras your travels


I'm always a bit sceptical of anything fluid that claims it does a better job of hydrating you than water does, since water is what our system is designed to like best, but in any case, Balance Water uses Bach flower essences to provide an extra lift in specific circumstances. Balance Water for traveling, for example, is good for "concentration calmness and alertness", "motion sickness, balance", "feeling comfortable in strange settings, tiredness and emotional fatigue and fear of flying." [GT]

Balance Water [via NOTCOT]

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I think you need to be clear on what type of essences are used in Balance. The picture clearly depicts Australian Bush Flower Essences, which are not the English Bach Flower Essences you referred to. Both essences do similar jobs, however are obtained from different plant species.

Posted by: Ang | 26 Feb 2007 06:09:27

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