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Wardrobe Surgery for green fashion junkies

Fed up with high stJunkystyling2reet stores churning out cheap copies of every style from Bollywood to Burlesque at a top-end cost to the environment? Tired of wading through mountains of moth-eaten ‘vintage’ tat in dreary second-hand shops to find that one item that will set you apart from the crowd?

If the answer to either of these questions is ‘yes’, then drop your (unbleached) linen and get thee to Junky in London’s Brick Lane to witness the latest concept in edgy, recycled clothing. Founders Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager are pioneers in ‘wardrobe surgery’ – the art of turning the kind of old clothes that Oxfam would normally sneer at into stylish, contemporary tailored garments, each one a unique piece. Clothes can be bought ready-customised in the store, but the duo will also get to work on your knackered old coat or indeed any unwanted Christmas presents from well-meaning relatives, creating something truly unique.

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