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Review: Rosa Fina Skincare products from Barefoot Botanicals

Facecream In my continuing search for the perfect skincare range, I've been trying out the Rosa Fina range from Barefoot Botanicals. The company creates organic skincare products that are choc full of essential oils and natural plant extracts, avoiding petrochemicals and other potentially harmful substances. The Rosa Fina products are produced using "oil expressed from the macerated seeds of a wild rose growing only in the Chilean Andes" (so not good news for your global footprint, I'm afraid). According to the blurb, "Rosa Mosqueta oil... has been used by the indigenous population for all kinds of skin problems related to ageing" and the products are touted as being good for wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. So how did I get on with them? Find out, after the turn.

The colour of the Rosa Fina Intensive Facial Radiance Cream (£19.95) is truly a sight to behold. Bright yellow is not a colour I tend to associate with moisturiser, and the smell offered a similarly arresting sensual surprise, which won't suit those who prefer more delicate scents. I quite liked it, however.

Rfbodyconditioninglotion When it came to using the moisturiser, I found it reluctant to go on and clingy. It certainly left my face feeling smooth, and it wasn't oily, but a slightly sticky finish made putting makeup over the top difficult. However, if you don't wear foundation, you may find this moisturiser suits you perfectly. Getting it to absorb into your skin may take a bit of persuasion, but it does leave you with soft, matte skin.

The Rosa Fina Body Conditioning Lotion (£24.95) suffered similarly clingy tendencies, leaving my skin feeling soft, but without that nice glowing lustre I like from a body lotion.

Rffaceoil_1 But while the moisturisers disappointed, the Rosa Fina Intensive Radiance Face Oil (£24.95) was sheer bliss. It makes your skin feel lovely, leaves you with a nice glow, and (slightly counter-intuitively) doesn't make your skin oily. While I wasn't sold on the moisturisers, I really did like the face oil and I'd certainly recommend you check it out. [Katie Lee]

Rosa Fina Skincare range from Barefoot Botanicals

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