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'OK to go to health spas, but choose carefully' say reports

I have to admit I'm a sucker for a bit of pampering, and what better way to recover from the stress and excess of the festive season than luxuriating in one of the UK's growing number of health spas? Around now, when I'm just beginning to mourn those summertime riverside ambles and long walks in Holland Park, the warmth and calm of the spa certainly seems like the best way to beat the January blues...

And it seems I'm far from alone. No longer the preserve of the super-rich, many more Britons are heading for these havens of calm, and according to the International Spa Assocition, the sector doubled in size between 1999 andThermalbathspa_getty460_1 2003. The days of freezing our proverbials off in the local baths are now well behind us.

But what are all those pumps and heaters that fuel the gallons of water in our beloved jaccuzzis and steam rooms doing to the environment, you might wonder? (If you're not too busy drifting into a higher plane of consciousness as you enjoy a hot stone massage, that is.) The answer, in many cases is clearly 'not a lot of good', but as firm believers in living green lives we can actually enjoy, we're happy to alert you to a recent article in the Guardian that lists a few of the new breed of eco-spas that rely on natural resources for a guilt-free, ecologically sound spa experience. And...relax!


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