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Lights out on 1st Feb!

5min_repit_logo_1 News of a fun and inventive way to raise awareness of global warming has just landed in our inbox, and we'd like to ask readers to join us as we take part in what could turn out to be a very interesting experiment this Thursday...

French environmental group L'Alliance pour la Plan├Ęte is urging people all over the world to turn out their lights and other electrical gadgets for five minutes at 19:55 (GMT+1hr) on the night of the 1st Feb. The group wants not only to 'give the planet a rest', but to draw attention to the seriousness of energy wastage and climate change. The 'blackout' has been timed to fall on the eve of the release in Paris of the fourth IPCC report on climate change; the most thorough such overview to date.

So spread the word, get your friends involved, have your candles at the ready, and prepare for darkness to reign, if only for a few minutes. And for us big-city dwellers, there's always the hope that we might actually get to see the stars!

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