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Monday ethical celeb: Jack Nicholson's 30 year old solar-hydrogen car

Ecorazzi picks up a great video clip about how nearly 30 years ago, Jack Nicholson had a solar-powered hydrogen car. "It’s like a standard Chevy. I backed it up, you know, because the last time the auto industry tried to destroy an independent industrialist, they said a “Tucker” wouldn’t back up. Remember that?” He also points out that, “If nothing else, this will revolutionize car-assisted suicide. Instead of carbon monoxide poisoning, you’ll just get a steam bath…” Which sounds like a better planet-wide situation than the one we've got now - if only we'd been up on it back then. (Not that I was, er, born yet.) [GT]

Time Warp: Jack Nicholson Drives A Hydrogen-Solar Car….In 1978

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