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Indy declares war on waste

Waste_basket_2 The Independent has launched a campaign against 'excessive packaging' of consumer products, inviting readers to send in examples of 'absurd packaging'.

Backed by a number of politicians of all allegiances, the waste-war aims to put pressure on supermarkets and other organisations guilty of over-using cardboard, cling film, plastic and other materials, many of which are difficult or impossible to recycle.

Since 2003, laws have existed to prevent overly bulky packaging, and to make it reusable or recyclable. Yet a trip to any well-known store will turn up plenty of examples of bending the rules. I had to agree with the reader who bemoaned the amount of extra bumpf that gets added to computer software boxes, which are frequently 10 times the size of the CD inside.

If you have an example you'd like to donate to the cause, let us know or email waste@independent.co.uk

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