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News Roundup: Climate change reports censored, wolves, and more

1. Bush administration accused of censoring scientists' reports on global warming. Is it me, or is this utterly unsurprising? [Guardian]

2. How reintroducing wolves to Scotland could be good for local economy. You could say it would keep the wolf from the door. Sorry. [Times]

3. Parliamentary report says curbs on solar panels and wind turbines should be scrapped. [PlanetArk]

4. Statistics published today show that UK government is failing in the fight against climate change. [Friends of the Earth]

More Green News.

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Valentine Green Box from Carbon Neutral

Big_valentinepack Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Rather than splashing out on some cut (ie. dead) flowers, how about the Valentine Green Box from Carbon Neutral?

It contains one month of guilt-free carbon-offset driving (325 kg of carbon, based on a 1.6 car travelling 1000 miles), some mini Green and Blacks choccie and a recycled leather heart-shaped keyring.

£12.50 from The Carbon Neutral Company.

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Moppels: lovely LED lights

Mopples Moppels, while competely adorable, should not be mistaken for pets. They are, in fact, lovely LED lamps which give low-energy light either from 3 AAA batteries or a USB port.

Bendable, you can position them any way you want and shed light in a variety of settings - in the car or in bed, perhaps.

They come with either suckers or magnets, and I want one to sit on my iron bedstead and illuminate my bedtime book. Just $25 from here.

[Via UberGizmo]

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Indy declares war on waste

Waste_basket_2 The Independent has launched a campaign against 'excessive packaging' of consumer products, inviting readers to send in examples of 'absurd packaging'.

Backed by a number of politicians of all allegiances, the waste-war aims to put pressure on supermarkets and other organisations guilty of over-using cardboard, cling film, plastic and other materials, many of which are difficult or impossible to recycle.

Since 2003, laws have existed to prevent overly bulky packaging, and to make it reusable or recyclable. Yet a trip to any well-known store will turn up plenty of examples of bending the rules. I had to agree with the reader who bemoaned the amount of extra bumpf that gets added to computer software boxes, which are frequently 10 times the size of the CD inside.

If you have an example you'd like to donate to the cause, let us know or email waste@independent.co.uk

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Knit a river at the Eden Project

Eg04river384954full_1 Attention knitters! If you fancy getting your needles round an unusual and worthwhile project, Carla Wentink, a guide at the Eden Project in Cornwall is raising awareness of World Water Day by knitting a giant woollen river. The Project already has a proven track record in quirky knitted items, having made the 'world's largest knitted Christmas tree' last year, which also helped a lot of good causes.

If you feel up to the challenge, Carla can be found over the next few weeks with a very large ball of blue wool at various locations around Eden, and is inviting members of the public to join her until World Water Day itself (March 22). WaterAid, the charity behind World Water Day, is an international non-governmental organisation dedicated to giving people access to clean water. If you're a health freak, you might also want to try out their 'hydration calculator', which tells you whether or not you're getting enough of the wet stuff. And if they can't tell you, who can?

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Green is the new black at the Dana Centre

If you thought London fashion week was more fur-trade than fair trade, the shows merely an orgy of waste and excess, be prepared this February to think again.
The Dana Centre (part of the Science Museum but with booze and a late license) is playing host to Refashioned: From waste to wear on Thursday 15th February, an evening of events showcasing some of the wonderful things that designers can do with old clothes. No less than 700,000 tonnes of textiles are jettisoned each year, and the rise of fast fashion and seasonal fads has made us fickler than ever when it comes to style. It sounds a lot, doesn't it, but we're all as guilty as each other...military jackets anyone? Book early to avoid disappointment, and bring along last season's rejects for a green makeover.

Meanwhile, 'Eco fashion' has become something of an industry buzz-word, and the last year has seen it taking up more and more space on catwalks, in Topshop and on the svelte forms of various fashion icons. We'll be keeping an eye out for eco-friendly labels exhibiting at LFW next month, and a glance at its exhibitor list (which includes the likes of Ethical Fashion Forum) already suggests they'll be better represented than ever.

[Via our friends at Catwalk Queen]

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Heal's Recycle Bags: seal and carry


The Heal's Recycle Bins Set Of Three not only make sorting easy (and modestly stylish) but the flaps also have a nice magnetic seal so that you don't have to look at the trash once you're done with it, and carrying straps so you can easily transport them to the central bin. The earth tones are reminiscent of the planet you're trying to improve, and should fit in nicely with any decor. Plastic, 48.5cm D 29.5cm W, £35 per set. [GT]

Heal's Recycle Bins Set Of Three

More Recycling

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Donate a tonne to Global Cool


A tonne of Cool from Global Cool is £20. Of that, £10 goes to high quality alternative energy and energy reduction projects which result in eliminating at least one tonne of emissions. £4 gets invested in development of solar, wave, wind and biomass-generated power. £3 goes to Global Cool Productions Ltd. £2 actually gets donated to other climate change groups, and £1 is for administrative overhead. So £16 is going straight to work everywhere and the remaining £4 is for Global Cool's work. Also, if you sign a Gift Aid declaration, your donation is increased by 28%. Cool! [GT]

Global Cool

More Planet saving

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Two Hands World Shop


As we've illustrated with a roundup of winter sales, fair trade doesn't have to be unfair to your wallet. The Two Hands Worldshop has a section of products in the sub £10 range including fabulous beaded cuff bracelets from India for $11 USD, a tea-light holder carved of onyx for £2.50, or a Snuggle Bunny from Guatemala for £6.50. [GT]

Two Hands Worldshop

More Ethical & green gifts

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Compact Sit-Down Shopping Cart


A shopping cart can make the difference between needing to have a car for a shopping trip, and the Compact Sit-Down Shopping Cart could make that difference with a difference. Your food goes in the base, and your dainty behind can have a rest on the seat, guaranteeing you some measure of comfort even on the tube home. It can take 20 kilos in the basket, and 100 kilos in the seat, so it's rugged enough for you and your baby too - and since it's aluminum, it only weighs 4kg. Personal shopping carts usually offer some modesty covering, and probably future versions of this will too, but as is, it makes the Saturday farmer's market trek sound a lot nicer. $99. [GT]

Compact Sit-Down Shopping Cart [via Chip Chick]

More Transport & travel

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