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DIY Solar Lighting From Baker Environmental


I was pretty cross this holiday season to not be able to find much for solar fairy lights. It seems Baker Environmental is at least headed in the right direction with their DIY solar lighting systems. Tailored to specific outdoor uses (garages, sheds, stables, car ports) Baker's goal is also to provide this kind of hardware at a modest price to everyone. Their basic kit is £110 (plus about £6 P + P) which gets you set up with a 5W panel, an 8W all-weather bulb, plus all the wirings and whatnots. After that, no more outdoor mains charges for the foreseeable future. Every two hours of sunlight the panel gets gathers enough power to light up for one hour at night, and the battery holds up to sixty hours. If your needs are greater, check out the deluxe kit at £229 (plus about £10 P + P) with two strip lights and a 10W panel. [GT]

Baker Environmental DIY solar panel installations [via Treehugger]

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