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Workers exploited in Bangladesh to make cheap clothes for UK

Dhaka, Bangladesh

A report by War on Want  published today states that cheap clothes sold by Primark, Tesco and Asda may be made by Bangladeshi workers paid as little as 5p for each of the 80 hours they work each week.

That equates to £16 per month, whereas the generally accepted monthly living wage in Bangladesh, according to War on Want, is £22. The starting wages in some factories was found to be as low as £8 per month by War on Want's researchers.

The retailers involved have made public commitments to paying a fair living wage to suppliers, who also must not be required to work more than an average 48 hours per week. They've countered the findings in the report by denying the allegations and pointing out their low prices were a result of an efficient supply chain, while pointing out the role of factory audits to maintain standards.

War on Want's report is available in full in pdf format from their website.

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Photo credit: 'Dhaka, Bangladesh' taken from babasteve's Flickr photostream under the Creative Commons Attribution licence.

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