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Reviewed: Green Parenting


Melissa Corkhill, editor of The Green Parent magazine and mother of two, has written an informative guide to parenting in an ecologically aware way.

It's a slim volume, but is chock-o-block with advice, information and tips for every stage of parenting - from pregnancy and birth through to parenting teens.

The book favours short pieces and snippets of information, set out in an easy-to-use style, so it is great for sleep-and-time deprived new parents to dip into.

All the usual suspects - natural cleaning products, organic food, washable nappies, natural birth - are covered, as well as some I knew less about such as holistic health and green education.

There is also a very interesting chapter on the positive effects of watching less or even (gasp!) getting rid of your family's television.

None of the subjects are covered in great depth, but as a practical, inspirational guide to ecological parenting, this book is a winner.

Green Parenting by Melissa Corkhill, £7.99, published by Impact Publishing.

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