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One World Cafe: pay what you will


Don't skip lunch because you can't afford it: move to Salt Lake City instead.  The One World Cafe operates on the SAME principle: So All May Eat.  If you don't have enough money, you're requested to help with the dishes, weed the garden, sweep up, or otherwise participate in operations.  If you have too much money (and I know some of you do!) well, you might be so good as to overpay so that someone else can have a healthy, organic meal.  They've recently formed OneWorldEverybodyEats as a nonprofit venture to help others set up their own One World Cafe.  "Birky at SAME has yet to notice anyone not paying. And Cerreta has had to approach only a few people."   So even in the 21st century, people know right.  [GT]

Where "Check, Please" Is Your Call [via Spluch]

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